Switching Your Career Gear Out of Neutral and Into Drive

The ebb and flow of adult life is so real, and as that pertains to your career is no exception. After you graduate undergrad you are full of excitement and anticipation as you enter the adult work force for the very first time. That energy can carry you through years of employment and really help you set a foundation for yourself in your industry. Unfortunately, that can also foster an opportunity for complacency to breed and you might wake up one day many years into your career wondering, is that all there is? The hard and fast answer is no but figuring out how to break out of the monotony can present some challenges. Exploring educational enrichment in the form of an MBA graduate degree is a natural option to consider when you want to make an impactful change that will have a positive return on investment.

Weighing the Costs

No doubt earning your MBA is going to come with financial commitments that will likely reach beyond your wallet and result in the form of student loans. Think about what this might look like for you both short and long term. Consider the trajectory that having an MBA can establish for your career, it likely means higher salary ranges and qualifies you for top positions in the business world. Taking out private student loans to pay for your MBA education is commonplace and finding the lender that best suits your needs will make you feel more comfortable adding to your overall personal debt. Take into consideration interest rates, repayment terms, options for deferment, and if you will or will not need a cosigner for your loan. Getting all this in order during the initial decision-making process will help push you out of sedentary habits and create a new layer of career possibilities for you. 

Network Aggressively

Use the professional network you have already established to your advantage. Coworkers, peers, online forums, family members, college advisory boards, these are all resources to have at your fingertips to spitball ideas with. Having open discussions about your plan, and hearing about the real-life experiences of people who have already walked that path is invaluable and can really expand your thinking beyond your own brain. Identify connections that might already exist in your professional circle and take advantage of them. Maintain your individualism and keep your ultimate path true to your own goals but the whole point is to break your own mold so don’t be scared to let people you consider to have done it right mentor you. 

Stay Vigilant 

Juggling graduate school with the rest of your life will take some finesse that differs slightly from what it took in undergrad. Do not lose sight of the big picture and remind yourself that at the end of the journey is an excess of opportunity that would not otherwise have been available to you. Use the sense of pride and accomplishment that you will inherently develop as you earn your MBA as the energy you need to conquer the post-graduation hurdles such as career change, student loan repayment, and overall life balance.