Taliah Waajid Shares Her Secrets to Taming Frizzy Hair

Most women with curly hair would confirm that their hair is the first thing they worry about when waking up. While women who don their curls every day tend to be susceptible to frizzy hair. However, there are ways to make your hair more radiant, glowing, and tangle-free.


Hair expert Taliah Waajid has created novel hair products, Protective Styles, for women who worry about their hair every day. Her award-winning hair care system is made from the choicest natural ingredients. They are made to make your natural hair stand out without the harsh chemicals that make a woman’s hair even worse. 

Donning her beautiful locks, Taliah Waajid has been one of the pioneers of the natural hair movement. She has created a unique fusion of hair care treatment to help women bring their glorious crowns back to life. 

Managing Your Unmanageable Hair

Frizzy hair can be caused by a lot of things, including heat damage caused by exposure to the sun or your hairdryer. It can also be because of humidity or probably your hair acting on you. Nonetheless, it can be every girl’s problem when their hair suddenly shows a hateful appearance. 

Making your hair manageable is often easily achieved with hair solutions like Protective Styles, which is specially formulated to recondition your curly hairstyle. These products, infused with organic protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, can be your lasting remedy for waking up with a glammed hair quality. 

Haircare products that are naturally derived make your hair more beautiful and healthier compared to items laden with more chemicals. As an advocate of the natural hair movement, Taliah Waajid ensures her hair care products contain the safest ingredients to keep your hair shiny, tangle-free, and glossy. 

Taliah’s Hack for Taming Your Frizzy Hair

Detangling your curly hair is one of the critical steps to making your hair more manageable. Taliah has always advised being gentle on your hair, especially after showers. That is because your hair is fragile and forcible brushings lead to split ends and hair breakage. In certain occasions, it is detangling your hair when it’s wet that causes more tangles. 

It is better to use a detangling brush and comb your hair before heading straight into the shower. Use curl products to moisturize your hair and gently use a wide-tooth comb to break curl patterns. 

One trick every girl with a curly hair knows is to brush from the bottom up. Starting from the roots break the end tangles and prevent your hair from breaking or having split ends. Gradually moving up and gently stroking your hair with a wide-tooth comb makes everything easier without pulling your hair. 

Wash Your Hair with Natural Hair Care Products 

Far too often, women are lured into thinking that chemically enhanced shampoos and conditioners would do them good. Regular use of these types of products leads to drying, causing your curls to tangle. 

Natural hair care products offer a better solution because each component is carefully examined to help you manage your curls. The secret lies with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that maintain your hairs luster and shine.