The Gemini Woman – The ethereal Goddess of Endless Debate

When a Gemini Woman converses, she no longer remains confined by her identity, but has the mysterious ability to become an entirely different person. This shape-shifting mechanism allows the Geminis to be here and everywhere else, at the same time, to be me, you and the curious neighbor that might be listening, simultaneously.

Multifaceted and outstanding, the embodiment of flowing communication, the Mercury Queen knows when to stop but doesn’t want to. She will always gather more people, crave more knowledge, add some spice of top of spectacle and search for the ideal environment that feeds her authentic need for connection and expression.

Seen as superficial or theatrical by some, he who knows the true character of the Gemini Woman, explores a luxurious exchange of fresh and eye-opening ideas. No matter her background, a fully-grown Gemini always knows what she’s talking about. And even when she lacks facts, her witty nature will connect the dots in ways that will blow your mind.

Many things have been said about this Airy Sign. Here is some inside information you might find useful if you have been gifted with Mercurian Roots or if you are fond of Gemini Women in general:

    • sapiosexual beings – meaning they are sexually attracted to intelligence or the mind.
    • Playful and flirtatious, seduction is not a means to an end. Their enticing friskiness is entirely benign. What they expect in return is that you play ball.
    • Their talkativeness hides their need to make sense of emotions and ideas. The first tendency of a Gemini Woman: speak now, analyze by yourself later.
    • They may seem romantically disloyal, but deep down, Geminis are constantly searching for partners whose complexity matches their own.

Add Fire to Air (Aries, Leo, Saggitarius) and see the Gemini Woman transform in front or your eyes. This is the recipe for unconventional adventure. Gemini and Aries are great companions in every situation. Both signs need freedom, respect each other and have a lively and adventurous spirit, while Leo with twins is a combination that includes a large dose of fun, and they are excellent communicators and passionate lovers.

Although Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites, both of these signs carry childish and youthful spirit that knows no boundaries and boredom. Such a couple can be very popular among friends. Opposites attract!

Add Air to Air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) and fantastically play a never-ending game of catch me if you can. Aquarius and Gemini can philosophize from morning till night. They share an interest in spiritual matters, and both of these signs has a finger in every pie. Even though they are both air signs, Gemini is a bit more nimble and always wants to be at center stage.

Although it may seem that Gemini do not fit together with Gemini, the opposite is true. Gemini knows what to expect from twins, both have incredibly sophisticated communication skills, they are extremely vivid, playful and experimenting.

Gemini and Libra relationship can be as changeable as the weather. It is hard for Libra to understand and accept Gemini’s flirtatious nature, which may be the main reason of all disputes, but either way, the relationship between these two signs can be very subtle and romantic, yet passionate. Libra may be, however, too idealistic, serious and jealous for airy Gems.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) infuses Air with profound emotions and unexpected outcomes. And Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) grounds the Gemini Woman into the here and now, giving her new insights and stability. A Gemini Woman is a reservoir of boundless knowledge; her worldly wisdom might be still in the making, but she is here to show you things in ways you’ve never imagined.