The high-performance plastic distributors

High-performance plastics are preferred for their excellent properties. Standard plastics might be the most commonly used plastic, but they have weak mechanical properties. Therefore, for plastic solutions that require extreme and tight tolerance conditions, high-performance plastics are the best option. High-performance plastics refer to plastics that withstand extreme environments, such as very high or low temperatures and high pressure.

Main features of high-performance plastics

Significant features of high-performance plastic are excellent mechanical properties, high thermal stability, and great chemical resistance. When it comes to thermal stability, these plastics won’t deform in high temperatures. These plastics are usually substitutes of metal because they offer equal strength at lower weight and corrosion resistance. 

High-performance plastics are also known for their excellent electrical insulating properties. For this reason, you can use them if you want to have electrical conductive and static-dissipative characteristics. The other notable qualities include high tensile strength, creep resistance, and tight tolerances.

The benefits of high-performance plastics

Most people have an understanding that plastics are not the perfect materials to resist heat. Contrary to this popular belief, various types of high-performance plastics can be used at very high operating temperatures of above 150°C or even above 300°C.

The heat resistance plastics are better replacement of metal because they provide sliding friction properties, chemical resistance, and reduced weight. Today, most industries are using this type of plastic for their application. High-performance plastics are commercially available in the form of modified high-performance plastics and unmodified high-performance plastics.

When you add reinforcements, such as carbon fibers, heat distortion and rigidness is improved, along with its dimensional stability. Thanks to reinforcement of high-performance plastics with carbon fiber, automobile, and aerospace applications can now use these plastics. Such applications need extreme stiffness and lowest weight, the properties found by adding carbon fiber reinforcements.

Choose Regal Plastics for high-performance plastics

High-performance plastics can operate at extremely high temperatures. Best of all, when you use reinforcing materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber, you can increase further the rigidity and heat resistance distortion. On the other hand, you can increase the sliding friction properties by using an additive such as graphite and PTFE. The addition of carbon black or metal fiber improves its electrical conductivity.  

At Regal Plastics, we acknowledge that there is no shortcut to performance. It relates to efficiency, quality, resistance to environmental factors, or durability. Hence, it’s important to have applications that don’t only run smoothly but demand minimum maintenance. Our selection of high-performance plastics exhibits all these qualities, meaning you will find the high-performance plastics that meet your requirements.

You will be pleased to know that we have experienced staff who can help you to choose the best high-performance plastics for your application. We are a reliable fabricator and distributor of plastic solutions to a wide selection of industries. If you need durable, high-quality, and reliable high-performance plastics, come and meet our team of employees who will help you choose the right plastic solutions for your project.