The law of attraction: what it is and how it works

Every person is a creator, who creates his reality with his thoughts, emotions, and energy radiated into the World. 

Our thoughts are directly able to influence our physical world and, therefore, our thoughts affect our life, reality, health, self-perception.

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Everything that is in your life is nothing but the result of your thoughts of yesterday, and today’s thoughts (beliefs) create the reality of your tomorrow.

Why do some people easily achieve success, reach their goals, get rich, are healthy and happy, while others suffer? What is the difference between them? 

The great sages, philosophers, and scientists from ancient times said: 

“Thoughts rule the world” (Plato). 

“Your thoughts become your life” (Marcus Aurelius).

What is the thought process?

The continuous thought process is the process that creates the reality of our lives.

A person’s thoughts reflect his inner world, his values, and determine his consciousness, which means his relationship with the world, Universe, and people, the reality and quality of a person’s life.

The world around us is a large mirror, everything that happens around us is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

Thinking is the process of modeling the patterns of the surrounding world.  What is thought? Powerful energy, controlled by you. Hate, love, envy, gratitude have vibrations (impulses), having a certain frequency, which we emit into the Universe, which, in turn, responds to all this with the events of our lives. In simple terms, everything that we radiate and give to this world, everything that our subconscious believes and perceives as true, whether it is positive or negative, is embodied in our lives.

In other words, if you wake up every day with thoughts about how hard life is, then you radiate exactly this quality of energy and impulses. And the universe brings into your life even more negative circumstances and events that exactly match your thinking. If a person sees the positive side in everything that happens, is grateful, then the Universe responds to him with a life full of opportunities to reach his goals.

Scientists declare that for the subconscious mind there is no bad or good, any of our beliefs (thoughts) is a command to put it into practice.

The most powerful law — the law of Attraction

You become what you think about most, you become a magnet that radiates impulses and attracts circumstances into your life.

Thought + emotion = Energy (force) sent by you to the Universe at a certain frequency 

What you direct your thoughts and feelings towards, you attract in life, no matter how difficult it is to accept it, whether it is confidence, fear, belief in the best or the worst, the law of attraction gives you only what you choose.

If you want to learn the art of managing your reality, start managing and monitoring your thoughts (energy), which then become your beliefs and your life.
Clear your mind of bad and destructive beliefs, do not allow them to settle in your head. This is a practice, which is necessary.
Start changing your beliefs to positive ones, remove restrictions and fear. Believe that the power within you can bring to life all desires.
Step away from the role of the victim, and be a creator, because your life is what you create. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you, because this responsibility belongs only to you.

Let your brain forget all the destructive thoughts. Here is a good affirmation to start with:

“I am a healthy and successful person, and I can do anything. The Universe takes care of me at all levels of my life, and gives me the strength, opportunities, and circumstances to realize all my desires at the right time.” 

Remember that the best things for you are inevitable and the world around you will begin to change.