The ritual that Shakuntali Siberia carried through the ages – learn how to purify your food

Why it is so important to eat purified food? What makes the food that we buy at the groceries energetically not clean? Why the happiness and career of our loved ones may depend on the food we cook for them? Shakuntali Siberia reveals all the secrets in this article. 
Who is Shakuntali Siberia?

There are very few people left on this Earth who are the real keepers of ancient wisdom. Shakuntali Siberia is one of such rare people. She is the Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess and a temple priestess as well. Shakuntali Siberia possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities. She uses her Power and knowledge to help the women all around the world to regain their happiness and health that were meant to accompany them from birth but well lost in the routine of life. 
How the healthy food can become harmful 

What makes us healthy, happy and full of energy? Of course, we depend on many factors of our life, but food makes a great contribution. Today everybody tends to choose healthy food with no additives and preservatives. But can healthy ecological food be harmful? 

As Shakuntali Siberia always repeats for her students, – food affects not just our physical body but also a subtle body. Any food is not only nutrients but in the first place, it is energy. That is why it is so important to be aware of where you buy the food for your meal. If you usually do it in the local supermarket, you must remember that such food may contain lots of negative energy. 
The secret recipe 

So why huge stores and supermarkets do not work here? 
Imagine the crowd of people your piece of bread passes through before it reaches your table. The farmers, drivers, salesmen, cashiers – lots of people are involved. Some of them may think positively while contacting the products, some of them may be angry, disappointed, or even devastated. These emotions are shifted towards the products they work with and as a result, you eat not just the product but also all the negative emotions.

After a nice breakfast, you may feel unreasonably angry or sad and transfer these emotions to your family. That is why the percentage of envy multiplies constantly in our world, and Shakuntali continues to emphasize it with regret. The negativity circulates in our society and rises every day. We hurt our loved ones and sometimes even do not know why. We do not let ourselves live a happy life and find our real selves because we are overwhelmed by these emotions that came from outside.   

You can change it all! 

Is there any escape from this situation? We cannot stop buying in supermarkets, neither we can stop eating. Shakuntali Siberia offers another way. You can hold the special ritual over all the products you bring. This ritual came to us from the ancient knowledge of the wise men and Shakuntali Siberia is glad to share it with you. It is easy and has instant effectiveness. 

First you have to do is to imagine everyone who is going to eat the meal you are about to cook. Imagine them in detail, try not to forget anybody. 
Second. From the bottom of your heart, pray for everybody you are cooking for. Pray for what they need the most right now. A new home, a best friend, a higher score at school – pray for it. Add this sincere wish, your love and positiveness into your meal together with the salt and spices.

Feel the spiritual light of your love that is spreading from your hands to the meal you are cooking. Visualize how the dark energy disappears. Now you can serve your dish and ask everybody to join you at the table. 
Third. Add your common prayer into the dish. 

Take your chance with your family prayer before starting your dinner to pray for everybody in need. For the homeless people, for the hungry, for the children without parents, for the women suffering from domestic violence, for the victims of natural disasters. Such family prayer is strong as never, and you, as the Woman of Power, will multiply its strength.  
All the negative influences will shun you 

We seldom think about the importance of the spiritual and subtle side of life. Nevertheless, this side is perhaps more important than the others as it determines everything. With the recommendations of Shakuntali Siberia, you can change your life and the lives of your loved ones. Visit for the schedule of Shakuntali Siberia’s events or maybe choose the individual session. Shakuntali Siberia helps all her students to regain their Feminine Power and predestination. So everything in your hands now: turn your lifepath into the way you always dreamt about.