The Sheer Importance of Reading the Bible Regularly

If you subscribe to Christian faith, the scriptures say you should read the bible. But why? Here’s is the importance of reading the bible regularly.

There are a lot of constants in this world, but the Bible is the ultimate constant. It’s always there to give you peace, comfort, and teach you how to best live your life through God’s word in times of need. But to truly reap all the benefits of His book, you must read it for yourself, and you must read it regularly, not just when in need.

It can seem hard at first, intimidating even in length alone, especially to those less close to God. But with practice and persistence, you’ll grow to love reading the Bible and soaking in the word of God.

If you don’t see the importance of reading the Bible regularly, read on for a few reasons why you should. 

Gives Peace

If your life feels chaotic or ceases to make sense, there’s always one place you can turn for peace: the Bible. The word of God should always bring peace to you. His word is comforting, and there are many verses in the book that will reassure you that no matter what you’re feeling, God will always be there to turn to and give you peace.

1 Peter 5:7 reads: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” The best way to do this is to relax and read your Bible and find encouraging, comforting words in the scripture. Just understanding that God will never turn his back on you is enough to give many solace, and the more you read your Bible the more you will understand this. 

Brings You Closer to God

As an active Christian, you should always be looking to get closer to God. Reading the Bible regularly is one of the best ways to do this. The Bible teaches us all we could ever want to know about God, and offers ways to give him praise, including verses that you can use in prayer.

James 4:8 reads: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” The more you read about God and his deeds, the more you will know about God, and the more you will be prepared to share that word.

Whether you take in the word through a physical Bible or a daily Bible study app you’re still reading the same undeniable word of God. Find a way that works for you and get closer through it. 


Millions of people around the world have had their lives changed through the word of the Bible. That’s because the word of the Bible is the word of God Himself. Reading it for yourself can be enough to change your entire viewpoints on life and lead you to a life of Godly devotion.

Even if you’re already a follower of God your life can be further changed by reading the Bible. The lessons available in the book are ever reaching and universal, and even if you’re the most devoted follower you stand to learn something by reading the Bible regularly.

Helps You Through Dark Times

Everyone goes through dark times in their lives. Loss, pain, sickness, grief — all of these and beyond can be helped by reading the word of God and reaffirming the shared love between you and Him. Read enough of the Bible and you’ll find verses that bring you comfort in times of great strife.

The Bible will help you make sense of tragedy when it happens, help you pray for someone when they fall ill, and help you get through great periods of personal pain both physical and mental. Nehemiah 8:10 reads: “Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” You will understand this the more you read your Bible, and grieving will give way to prayer and strength in God.

Keeps Us From Sin

We all sin. None of us are perfect, not even if we have submitted ourselves fully to God. But reading the Bible can help us know what sin is, how to spot it, and what to do when confronted with the temptations of sin.

If you face a fork in the road where one way may lead to sin, it is always a good idea to consult the Bible for help and guidance in making a decision. If we don’t know what sin looks like and how it appears to us in our everyday lives, we are helpless against it. In this way, the Bible not only keeps us from sin but gives us guidance towards God and goodness. 

Teaches Us History

Beyond even the spiritual aspect of the Bible is the historical aspect. The stories of the Bible are historical recollections of life back then, and even the most irreligious people among us can appreciate it for its historical context and stories.

Jesus was a real person who traveled and taught the word of God, and His followers were just as real as He was. The Bible is not a work of fiction, and everyone can read and enjoy the words within it even if they’re not a follower of Christ. And who knows, maybe through regular readings you’ll find yourself compelled by more than just the historical aspects of His word.

The Importance of Reading the Bible Regularly

For a follower of God or someone looking to get closer to God, the importance of reading the Bible regularly can’t be stressed enough. Everything you could ever want or need to know is written between the covers of His book, and by familiarizing yourself with it you will learn that this is the truth.

Don’t just turn to the Bible when you need it, but turn to it regularly and learn why you need it all the time, and how it can help with even the most common issues in your life.

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