The Truth about Self-Love

It is important to understand that you and only you are the source of all the love you seek and feel, always. You possess the sacred gift of free will to choose when and how you feel that inner love or when to block it off. Love has always been inside of you like a vast ocean with an infinite supply at hand; it never diminishes or fades away. No one can actually add love to you that you don’t already have; and no one can subtract love from you (no matter what you were taught to believe).

Your inner perceptions are always the gatekeeper to your reality (how you see, feel or react in your own particular way). You are the sole person with the most power to affect your life; your world is all happening inside of you, moment to moment. All reactions to life take place inside of you. In those shared, loving moments with another, your inner, oceanic love has bubbled up; rising, like waves from your infinite being. You have given yourself permission to feel your ‘own’ love in the presence of another.

People who cannot feel love in themselves are those who are unconsciously dependent on someone from the outside to get love from (making the other responsible). When you love yourself conditionally, you cut yourself off from your own love inside (not allowing yourself to fully feel your own love). Love is always an inside job; there are absolutely no exceptions to that divine law. Learn to be in an unconditioned state of your own love (personal heaven); simply being aware, allowing love to flow freely from its source within you. Your love can then help others to feel the love inside themselves. You can call out someone else’s inner love by simply waking it up in them (helping them to access the love they already naturally have).

With an enlightened mind and pure open heart, we can feel and experience the fullness of our own love in the presence of anyone. Remember, this love cannot be exchanged or used to fill someone else’s perceived emptiness (void). You are wholly responsible for the love that you seek.

Anon I mus is a teacher on Non-Duality (Oneness) and author of the book ‘The I AM Creation Story’

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