The Ukrainian woman, what is the secret of her attractiveness

Today, Ukrainian brides are hunted by grooms from all over the world, knowing that in addition to external beauty, they are also industrious and educated. According to reputable publications, Kiev tops the rating of world capitals, where the most attractive Ukraine women live. Black-haired, blondes, blondes, brunettes, girls with red hair, for many years are at the top of the world rating of beauties.

Depending on the period, Ukrainian beauty standards have changed. In the early 90s, blond girls and beauties with blond hair were in favor. A little later this category was occupied by brunettes. But regardless of the color of hair and eyes, Ukrainians with a beautiful figure and feminine forms attracted special attention. The parameters do not necessarily have to correspond to the standards of 90-60-90, because many foreigners prefer not thin, but girls of medium build.

Women in Ukraine through the Eyes of Foreign Men

It should be noted that foreigners look at Ukraine women with completely different eyes than Ukrainian men, because for them she is “their” and “usual”. Why foreign grooms are so attracted to Ukrainian women, except for external beauty?

The ability to take care of yourself

The expression “beauty the Ukrainian way” is known far beyond the country’s borders. For women in Ukraine, appearance is a daily job, which they do with pleasure.

According to many foreigners, they are amazed by the fact that regardless of weather conditions (unthinkable heat, bitter cold) Ukraine women look like they came off the cover of a glossy magazine. But she does not need to spend a lot of money to visit beauty salons and plastic surgery clinics.

The thing is that Ukrainians are naturally endowed with beauty. And the correct skin care, healthy diet and regular exercise can preserve it. Expressive features, bright image, striking foreigners at first sight, Ukrainians emphasize with a light and unobtrusive makeup.

Creating coziness and comfort in the home

All Ukrainians, without exception, have this skill. From childhood, girls help their mothers to run the household, and learn everything – cooking, keeping their homes in order.

The most common myth is that men from abroad are looking for a free housewife in Ukraine under the guise of a bride. But once you learn the realities of life abroad, this myth dissipates instantly. Why? For many reasons.

A foreign man doesn’t need a free housekeeper, because many of them can manage their own household and are good at it. It is also not a problem to buy appliances, eat in a restaurant or hire a cook and other servants who will do all the housework. This is much less expensive than getting married, because in the case of divorce involving the division of property, a man can lose a lot.

Therefore, if the foreigner is not a marriage swindler, and really looking for a wife, a life companion, he pursues the goal of sharing life with her, bear children and live together until old age.

The ability to cook deliciously

Almost all Ukrainians have culinary talents, regardless of age. And one of the main ones is the ability to cook a culinary masterpiece out of nothing. It is not customary to cook at home every day abroad, but Ukrainians enjoy pleasing their foreign husbands with delicious and homemade breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.


If a Ukrainian wife does the housework and takes care of the family, it does not mean that she has forgotten about her self-development and self-realization. Modern Ukrainian girls and women are more free and self-confident. With one or more higher educations, they can find a job for themselves in one or another area.

Foreign men appreciate the goal-oriented nature of Ukrainian women because when they go abroad, they pay a lot of attention to their families. They learn the language and make their aspirations come true, while our women are completely focused on themselves and their personal development.

The ability to find compromises

With their easy-going nature and lack of stubbornness, Ukrainians find compromises in all situations. Given the model of the family they have seen since childhood, where the father is the boss and the mother is the keeper of the home and listens to her husband in everything, in most cases, foreigners expect that after marriage the wife will behave with her husband in the same way. American and European women are more independent in this respect, which is not to the liking of many men.

Custody of the man you love

It is important for Ukrainian women to take care of their husbands and children. Also ukraine women will always listen and provide moral support. This quality is very appreciated by foreigners. 

The difference between Ukrainian women and women in America, Europe

But do not all of the above qualities not inherent in their countrymen, many people will ask.

  • And why look for a life partner so far away, in another country?

Foreign men have their own good reasons for this.

According to them, the long struggle for equality between men and women has led in reality to a gender equalization in everything. In the West, women began to work at the same level as men, and earn the same. But not only that, they also began to look, think and act like men.

Most women in Europe and America do not emphasize makeup, hair, or manicures. They treat their appearance and outfits more simply, they can be seen only on special occasions at some important events.

But Ukrainians, first of all, take care of how they look. Hair styling, feminine dresses and heels – all this is present in everyday life, even if they go to the store. Therefore, Ukrainians look like a standard of beauty and femininity in the eyes of foreign men.

For all their weakness, Ukraine women can be strong-willed and assertive, determined, with a strong energy. They have a sense of style and are endowed with natural wisdom. These and other qualities attract foreigners, who are ready to move mountains, if only their beloved Ukrainian wife was happy.