The Ultimate Numerology Guide for Gamblers

People have been using numerology to guide their decision-making for thousands of years and it is a cornerstone of Chinese culture and belief. In fact, one of the founders of numerology was believed to be Emperor Fu Xi, the semi-legendary ruler of China some five thousand years ago. His observations relating to the patterns that lie within the squares on a tortoise’s shell led to his development of the Lo Shi square, a number set that forms the basis for feng shui, Chinese astrology and geomancy.  

Numerology and gambling 

Gambling also has a history that dates back thousands of years. Some forms, like keno and roulette are specifically about numbers, and all are bound up in statistics and mathematical probabilities. Over the years, gamblers have sought any tool they can find to improve their chances of success, and it should come as no real surprise that many have turned to numerology. 

The important thing to understand about numerology and gambling is that it has nothing to do with calculating or manipulating the odds and statistical probabilities that underlie the roulette wheel or the roll of the dice. Instead, it is concerned with helping you make the best decisions on when to place your bet and even more importantly, what gambling games to play.  

To get started, you will first need to calculate your life path number. This allows us to make some assessments to guide your gambling habits. Knowing your number will help you to better understand your inherent gambling traits. This won’t make you a guaranteed winner, but it might just help you get more from your next night out at the casino.  

Number One 

You are innovative, strong and positive, someone who relishes the opportunity to take control and is a strong leader. Independent thinking and confidence are your greatest strengths, and these keep you motivated to achieve your life goals. You also have an intuitive understanding of others, with an ability to read their intentions. Games like poker where you are competing with other gamblers hold no fear for you, and you are better than most at reading a bluff.  

Number Two 

You are a gambler who always manages to find balance and to view your experiences from all perspectives. Your love of peace, harmony and diplomacy means that games with a competitive aspect are not for you. Instead, you gravitate towards games with even odds such as baccarat, where you stand a little outside the conceptual tussle between Player and Banker, simply watching the patterns and betting on first one and then the other.  

Number Three 

You are highly creative, and love to express and communicate that creativity to others. You also have greater sensitivity than people might think, a natural connection with the divine that means your “gut feel” is usually worth listening to. At casino tables, you are naturally attracted by the social aspects of live games. But it is the slot games that really call out to you. Be guided by that inner voice!  

Number Four 

Your logical approach means you love systems and order. You remain calm under pressure and are not flustered, even if things do not go your way. You should steer clear of games like keno or roulette where you trust luck and intuition. Instead look for a game that demands strategy. Blackjack is your natural game, and once those basic strategy rules are set in your mind, you will not allow an exceptional run of luck, whether good or bad, to divert you from your path.  

Number Five 

When you enter a casino, you hardly know where to start, and will be eager to try out every game that is available. For you, change is the only constant and you have a natural talent for adapting to different situations, following basic strategy at the blackjack table one moment and then changing everything on a spin of the jackpot reel a minute later. It is all about soaking up those experiences and enjoying the adventure. We would not dream of constricting you by suggesting one particular game in your case! 

Number Six 

Your protective, affectionate and responsible personality means you like balance and equity. You focus on natural order, but also have a strong spiritual sense. These two aspects come together in games like roulette, in which random chance holds sway, but where opposing sides of the scales like red and black, odd and even always tend towards equilibrium in the long term.  

Number Seven 

Wisdom through analysis is your rubric in life. You seek to understand the principles that drive a process or pattern and to derive a set of rules that then dictate your actions. Any strategy-focused game is an ideal fit for you, and in particular, those based on cards. Your introspective nature means you shy away from the poker table, but you will find reward in playing solitary versions of the game such as video poker or Caribbean stud.  

Number Eight 

Your fondness for the finer things in life drives your strong sense of ambition to seek the highest material rewards. Yet you also understand that you will not prosper without sacrifice. Even-money games at short odds like roulette or blackjack hold little fascination for you. Instead, you will derive the most satisfaction from long odds and maximum wagers on slot games, and particularly those with progressive jackpots.  

Number Nine 

You are the wisest gambler in the casino. Your enlightened understanding of human nature places you at an advantage over all others, as you can see through the razzmatazz and the flashing lights to what lies beneath. Game of choice? For number nine, the game is less relevant than enjoying the overall experience. If you entered a casino with the sole objective of making money, there is only one place you would be, and that is standing behind the table dealing the cards. After all, you understand better than most that in the end, the house always wins.