Things You Should Avoid Doing at a Long Term Care Facility

When interacting with long-term care staff, there are some things you need to keep in mind in order to avoid crossing the line. This read is going to discuss several of them.  

If you do not like the behaviour of the facility’s employee, avoid holding it in as you are ultimately going to burst out in a manner that’s not ideal. Instead, communicate the matter to the director of nursing or administrator directly and as soon as possible. Never confront the employee at fault directly.  

Do not skip the regularly scheduled care conferences of your loved one. This is an excellent time to share your thoughts and concerns regarding the care that your loved one is getting at the facility. It is ideally a great time to get an update on how they are doing.  

Do not order the employees around. If you have a request regarding the care of a loved one, consider discussing the matter with the administrator or the director of nursing.  

Do not overlook suggestions or feedback from the staff members. They spend more time with your loved one that you do and so, they are bound to know some things that you might not. Be open-minded and think about any suggestions that they may provide. 

If you have a huge family, avoid asking the facility or staff members to relay information to each and every one. This is a time-consuming and daunting task and it’s best to designate one individual who will get the information and then share it with the rest.  

Do not expect miracles. To properly put it, don’t expect the nurses to do things that you yourself are unable to do. For instance, if the loved one paced the floor at the house, the staff members will find it even more difficult to stop them than you.  

Do not bring gifts or hand out tips to the employees if the long-term care facility does not tolerate this. It is important that you go through the policy of the facility to know what’s allowed and what isn’t. If they do not allow gifts, consider giving thank you cards to show that you recognize and appreciate the work that they are doing.  

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Avoid being a chronic complainer. Things can be hectic at a nursing facility and so, it is best to avoid complaining or the time. If you find something positive, give a compliment and be sincere about it. Ideally, before you complain, ensure that the problem is really an issue.