Tips for a successful Instagram account

You can’t get past Instagram that much is clear and perfect for the algorithm.. But what does it actually depend on and what makes Instagram look good for algo and regular users? We have collected top tips for you

Trying out, analyzing and optimizing is the strategy of choice when it comes to improving the performance on Instagram. But the knowledge of the experienced Instagrammer can be used as a starting point for format, length and publication interval.

1. The story

Storytelling is like a synonym for social media. The individual post tells a story, but so does the entire account. The story not only determines the content, but also the aesthetics. And it is emotional, it provokes, it inspires compassion, it makes us laugh. Instead of a single arc of suspense, storytelling on Instagram looks more like a temperature curve. There are always small highlights.

2. Video first

You could have guessed it, but now you have it in black and white: Videos trigger significantly more engagement than pictures or carousels. The Cologne-based company Quintly published a report in September 2019 in which it averages thousands of large and small accounts. Videos trigger almost 50 percent more engagement than simple pictures. Carousels with multiple pictures get 25 percent more shares, likes and comments.

3. With or without text?

According to the Quintly study, 67 percent of all posts have a description of over 150 characters in length. This is interesting, because the very short descriptions under 50 characters trigger more engagement, according to Quintly statistics.

4. Stay away from standard filters

The effect is always the same when a new tool appears. Everyone rushes to the new, cool functions and it quickly becomes visually very boring. Since the Insta filters hardly offer setting options for a discreet use of them, but are intended for the “quick effect”, they should be ignored. It is better to use image processing tools and their filters. 

5. Emojis and stickers are annoying

Maybe you do, but your users don’t. Although the Quintly report describes emojis as the heart of communication on social media, half of all posts contain no illustrative miniature images. And that seems to be a clear mistake: Posts without emojis have the lowest engagement rate for any account size.

6 Instagram influencers

The key to a working influencer campaign is making the right choices. First you determine your own target group, then you look for influencers who play this target group and finally you look at the accounts to see whether the communication style is more or less appropriate. The trick is, of course, to leave some air between the brand and the influencer so that the creator can also contribute exciting new things and not just follow a briefing. But marketers find it difficult to do that. Two thirds of those questioned in a study complain about the lack of complete control in influencer marketing. Although there is a big lack of control, you can buy a minimum 1000 followers on Instagram and get a perfect jump-start scenario for influencer campaigns.