Tips on How to Communicate on Dating Sites

1. Timing 

Devote some time to dating sites. For example, no more than an hour per day to view profiles and respond to the most interesting of interlocutors. Also, you can devote a month to establish a group of 3-4 people that you will date, leaving all others behind and deleting your profile to focus on this group of people. If none of the acquaintances has turned into a comfortable relationship for you – resume your profile and continue on searching. 

2. Goals 

Ask yourself what you want, what you are ready to accept in a partner and what you cannot accept. You cannot write about this in your profile, but it is worth keeping it in mind. Because for each goal there are different selection criteria and a different search strategy.

Will you let a person into your territory or will you avoid doing so? Are you interested in a short-term or a long-term relationship? How do you feel about children of a potential partner? Do you have any pets, will you take your partner’s pets in? These would seem like minor everyday questions, why should they be answered right now? But in reality these are quite important rules that you should establish in advance. 

3. Love with obstacles 

Determine whether you are considering nonresident and foreign candidates. On the one hand, when both live in the same city, meet, the entire process is a lot easier. But at the same time, there are very interesting people in other countries and cities. If you decide not to narrow the area and consider all the options, it is good to use a few simple principles in the search for distant partner in order not to waste time.

Set the time you are willing to wait for a real meeting. If a person’s intentions are serious then it will be mandatory for them to meet you. Such a person is basically ready for it, which means that they will find time, despite any employment and distance. In case of a person who just wants to fantasize, a meeting will be postponed under any, even the most incredible pretexts. If there were already two pretexts, and a couple of months have passed since the beginning of communication, we can safely transfer blacklist that person.

If a person immediately declares that they are ready to visit you, even they have even decided on their day of arrival, but at the same time all of their conversations revolve around your sexual preferences, even if they arrive, then with a very narrow goal – sex. Are you ready for such an adventure? It is also good to immediately clarify how they imagine such a future at a distance – do they want you to move in with them or not, what can you do in their city or country, are there any cultural differences? Check whether they are who they claim to be. Ask for links to profiles in social networks, check their IP address if possible. 

4. Be open 

Reply to all messages, except for clearly offensive and vulgar ones. Even if these are “Hello, how are you?” messages. Remember that it is very difficult to write to a stranger. It’s all the more difficult to look interesting from the very first minutes, to make an appropriate joke. If you don’t believe me – try to text someone first and start a conversation. It is hart, therefore you should help an interlocutor that is trying to start a conversation. Ask questions to them. Do not hesitate to make compliments, gratefully accept them yourself. You can only find out things about a person in communication, and do not draw conclusions before it began. 

5. Give a chance! 

Go to meetings. Yes, we all value our time and do not want to lose it. Therefore, many people want to weed out “bad options” even at the stage of correspondence. But do not forget that not all are masters of the epistolary genre. It’s just hard for many to communicate via text messages and easier to communicate in person. And some candidate who writes you a short message “about nothing” and does not know what to ask and what to say, in life can turn out to be quite a pleasant person with whom you will feel comfortable, despite the fact that they were quite shy online.

Yes, how a person makes an appointment is very significant. If you preliminarily determine the day and time in the correspondence, a person says that they will give you call — and they don’t, then they appear in a couple of days and offer to meet again, but they don’t explain why everything broke down or say that they were busy – these is a spoiler for your future relationships, it will be just like that in the future. 

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