Top 5 Affirmations For Overcoming Dating Insecurities

It’s only natural to be apprehensive when it comes to dating. The very nature of this pastime means you are meeting with strangers rather than a long-term partner. Whether you were introduced by friends-in-common or you met a new love interest after browsing through a dating site like this when the time comes to go on actual date you may well have some insecurities to deal with. Don’t fret. Here are the top five affirmations for overcoming these.

“I emit animal magnetism, and I am always fun to be with”

The root cause of dating insecurity is undoubtedly lack of confidence. In order to counter this, it is important to bolster your own sense of self-worth and positive self-esteem. There is nothing intrinsically boastful about playing to your own strengths – it’s simply a case of injecting the way you approach dating with a healthy dose of realism. If you are a positive character in any other situation, then why shouldn’t this extend to your dating life? Believe in yourself as an approachable and charismatic individual whom others are naturally drawn to. Soon you will be arranging your dates with an appropriate degree of optimism.

“I am desirable and easy to approach”

When you look into the mirror before a date, what do you see? Have you gone to the trouble of putting on an attractive and eye-catching outfit, perhaps something new which you are eager to show off to the outside world? If you feel you look good on the outside, it becomes so much easier to extrapolate this to the way you are feeling internally. Looking upon yourself as desirable isn’t an exercise in vanity. Quite the reverse. All you are doing is presenting the best image of yourself in order to assure your prospective date they are in for a fun night.

“I am a supremely confident individual”

How easy is it to exude an air of confidence when you are actually feeling nervous? The answer is, it can be easy to overcome misgivings if you decide that by far the more preferable course of action would be to exhibit self-assurance. Even if you arrive at the data location and experience a sense of nerves, take a few deep breaths and internalize the notion you are actually a fearless individual. This will transmit to the way you interact with your partner, giving your conversation a boost.

“Every day is a journey but I’m enthusiastic about reaching my destination”

Dating can be equated to a journey into the unknown. If you haven’t been acquainted for long, finding out about a partner can be rewarding. The important factor is to view this activity as a long-term commitment. You don’t have to regard any one date as the be-all and end-all of your relationship. Rather, look upon it within the context of a series of hurdles to be overcome, knowing full well the height of these will diminish as you become more familiar with this your love interest.

“I deserve to be happy and to spread the joy”

Finally, the most positive affirmation you can give yourself in order to overcome dating insecurities is to focus on the innate joy relationships bring. So rather than dwelling on the negative emotions and fear which can be prompted by getting to know someone new, think about the enjoyment to be had as you engage in friendly and affable conversations, rising to the point where you begin to flirt with one another. Once you begin to establish a real rapport, you will definitely have a well-deserved smile spreading across your face.