Top 5 Affirmations For Overcoming Fear of Rejection in Dating

Unrequited love has been a subject of poems and songs since Cupid was receiving archery lessons. Approaching a potential partner only to discover the attraction you feel is not reciprocated can be disheartening. Many singles will admit the subject topping their list of dating fears is this thought of being rejected. Self-doubt can manifest in many circumstances, whether you’re chatting up another patron in a crowded bar, or messaging someone whose dating site profile has caught your eye. The good news is this. Groundless fears can easily be quashed. All it takes is the opposite of self-doubt: confidence. To that end, dating experts from steamylocals platform suggest top  five affirmations that will help achieve confidence and banish the fear of rejection.

I am worthy of love

Of course, the thought of not living up to another’s standards can be demeaning, and will not only impact an immediate scenario but will also cloud your judgment in the future. This is why you should cut yourself a little slack. Remember, like any other fear in life, you are projecting what ‘might’ happen. This is so different from what ‘will’ happen. So repeat the affirmation that you have excellent qualities, and a strong character, full of integrity. You are worthy of being involved in a loving, fulfilling relationship.

I deserve a positive outcome

Your mind might be playing out various potential outcomes in the moments before meeting your date, dwelling on the worst-case scenario. But even if you’ve had unfortunate experiences in the past, no one is perfect. This person you are concerned might reject you will undoubtedly have faced moments of anxiety before now. What you need to be most aware of are the positive qualities you possess, and that you will always be blessed with these, even if your date doesn’t progress as fluently as you’ve been hoping. It can often take time to gel with someone else who has been single for a while. This is natural. The course towards true love is often rocky. If you don’t hit it off straight away, this doesn’t equate to rejection at all. We have to work on some things in life. 

I will make my intentions obvious

A sense of humor is a personal attribute, so as you are getting to know a prospective partner there might be the odd embarrassing moment while you navigate aspects of their personality. Just because they don’t share your enthusiasm for a particular observation or anecdote is no need to panic. There may well be awkwardness during an initial date, but the crucial way of approaching any blossoming relationship is to have clear intentions. Tell yourself you are going to ensure this person has a memorable date.  If you approach your liaison with confidence, this will rub off on them.

My partner and I are on the same course

One approach that will guarantee a favorable dating experience is to have a long-term vision of the path this encounter is going to take. Are you keen to embark on something with substance, or will you be content with a casual encounter where there are ‘no strings attached’? Try and decide the ultimate direction of travel from the outset. That way, you’ll have a much better chance of influencing the desired outcome.

If I’m rejected, it’s their loss, not mine

Finally, an affirmation to pay attention to is that rejection will not signify your world collapsing. It might seem like a cliché, but the phrase ‘plenty of fish in the sea,’ is so apt when it comes to dating. There will always be new and exciting opportunities around the corner.