Top 5 Countries Where Online Acquaintances Replace Offline Meetings

Online dating is on-trend today more than ever. Due to recent events connected with the COVID-19 spread, people prefer to stay at home and get acquainted online. They join popular dating websites and create catchy profiles with different purposes. Despite the user’s goals, there are top countries where online acquaintances are prevailing.  

What Countries Contribute to Segment of Online Acquaintances?

There are countries where people almost stopped wondering how to meet someone without online dating. They understand all benefits of online acquaintances nowadays and join dedicated websites like VictoriyaClub. According to Statista research, the segment of online dating is expected to attract up to 370 million active users by the end of 2021. Therefore, the revenue of this industry will be about $3.2 billion. While online dating is popular worldwide, there are top countries that contribute to the segment of online dating most of all. They are:

1.  United States

Recently Pew Research Center held research that looked deeper at peculiarities of dating in the USA.  It proved that Americans are active users of modern apps and websites. Moreover, they share positive experiences of dating profiles registration. Researchers also discovered why is online dating so hard for guys. American women quicker study the profiles and decide who to chat with. All in all, more than 50% of Americans state that using dating websites is quite safe and efficient. In other words, there are so many success stories that mean, everybody can find a soulmate without going out. Residents of the USA even believe that online acquaintances are more effective than meeting in person.

2.  Spain

People in Spain love getting acquainted to make friends or start a romance. Local people can’t imagine their life without expressing love and care. They are very passionate and do not like hiding their real feelings. This is why nowadays most Spanish people feel enthusiastic about online dating. Due to numerous social distance restrictions, many daters shift to online space to find a soulmate. Spanish people actively register accounts and believe that making the first step is a good idea. Local women more often than other ladies worldwide make acquaintances first. Mind that Spanish men and women often use online apps for making friends, so make sure that the person you like, also seeks relationships.

3.  France

France is known to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. French can’t live without all that romantic stuff, and current COVID-19 restrictions make them crazy. So, it is not surprising that people join dating websites and look for a compatible virtual stranger there. According to recent research, locals use dating platforms actively. As a result, many websites and apps are designed to help people find romantic or sexual encounters.  Still, French women and men do not like pursuing partners. They take chatting and dating easier than other nations. The statistics showed that a lot of French men and women were successful to meet a compatible person online.

4.  India

According to recent research, 40 % of Indians prefer meeting online.  They consider video chatting to be a great way to learn the person better before arranging a face-to-face meeting. The same research mentions that people want to build trust, so practice slow dating. Only, after getting to know each other better, they decide whether the offline meeting is a good idea for them. That’s why users choose dating platforms that provide a comfortable and safe online environment. They prefer to register on websites that come with plenty of filters to pick up a great match quicker. Finally, Indians join large communities to have a wide range of potential candidates. If the person understands that a particular man or woman doesn’t share certain values, the dater goes on searching for a compatible match.

5.  China

When it comes to love affairs, the young generation of China demonstrates incredible interest in online dating websites and apps. While some users report about coming across faked profiles, others say it is a great way to find relationships. Thanks to the introduction of user-friendly platforms with advanced features, more people manage to meet their soulmates online. Most of all, the Chinese like websites and apps that have location-based services. This way, they can narrow down their search and find the same-minded person quicker. By the way, the Chinese put a great emphasis on the profile photo. They build up detailed profiles and sincerely believe that meeting a true love online is now more possible than ever.

Final Thoughts

As the researchers found out, citizens of these countries use dating applications and websites very frequently. People prefer registration on trustworthy dating platforms that welcome users from different countries. They know how to find someone on dating websites, and take every chance to build a dream relationship without going out.