The 5 Most Beautiful Airline Uniforms

Air travel has been associated with many annoying moments – security checks, delayed flight, baggage loss or lengthy waiting. All this is annoying, but once you get on board and your eye rests on the charming stewardess, your sufferings are suddenly forgotten. And no wonder!

The uniform is the dominant part of the airline and I’m sure it has a big impact on passengers.



Emirates has a reputation as one of the most luxurious airlines in the world, but this is not why I chose this company. The thing that impressed me at first glance are the chosen color.

Red, brown and white symbolizes purity, reliability and luxury. These colors are very subtle and even though that light brown may evoke a feeling of obsolescence, for me it is a very effective combination.


Aeroflot has chosen a very interesting colors – the main color is red, which is very similar shade of orange. The uniforms look very slick, but I really do not like the scarf around the neck, which is not a supplement but a useless piece of clothing that is not at all necessary.

Cathay Pacific

The red color is a common color of uniforms. Cathay Pacific has its own specific crimson red, which evokes passion and orderliness. The collar looks very elegant and all the colors together beautifully blends.

Air France

Virgin America Airlines

beauty uniform 2014

beauty uniforms 2014

Either way, all the uniforms look very nice and the women in them even better, however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.