Top 6 Affirmations That Boost Your Confidence Before a Date

There are many things in life which are traumatic: job interviews, college exams, moving home, driving tests, and many more. A potentially pleasurable but equally fraught event is a date, especially your very first date with a new partner. Although it’s clearly an opportunity to flirt and start getting to know someone, the lead up to the occasion can leave many feeling apprehensive. Here are six affirmations which will help you to psyche yourself up for the big occasion.

Turn a negative emotion on its head

One of the most straightforward affirmations you can make might initially seem counterintuitive. Rather than focus on the feelings of love you should be striving for in a dating situation, think of the opposite emotions. Not everyone is fired up with positivity, so you are bound to come across negative thoughts amongst people, sometimes verging on hatred. Whenever you sense this angry energy, counter it by summoning your reserves of confidence and loving generosity.

Be positive and upbeat

Think of your heart overflowing with love. Rather than apprehension in its pessimistic state, think of any pre-date nerves as symptomatic of excitement. Consider what your prospective partner must be feeling at this very moment as they prepare for the rendezvous. They will be undergoing similar thoughts, hoping your time together will be an indicator of a long and fruitful relationship. Never dwell on the possibility of your liaison being disappointing. Take a few deep breaths and affirm to yourself how much you are anticipating the joy of building a rapport with someone who is going to mean more to you the longer you spend in their company.

Place your position in an overall context

If the location you have agreed on for your date is a venue where you are going to be surrounded by others in a similar position to you, think of tapping into that collective energy. Appreciate how you’ll be able to glance around at other daters and feel empathy as you notice glowing expressions and hear murmured conversations. You’ll be able to sense the love which is flowing through the room.

Be vocal in your affirmations

The unfortunate aspect of the straightforward phrase, “I love you,” is the way it can be used too readily so it can almost become an off-handed comment. But you can give this expression real potency in the way you say it. So prepare for the fact you are going to seize the opportunity to express your true feelings, in a way which will cause your date to appreciate you mean what you say.

Expand the remit of your love

Don’t just look upon your date as a means of channeling your intense emotions towards one individual. Think of this as an occasion to feel good about your life in general. This affirmation will place the get-together in the context of being just one part of your overall life experience. If it doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped, you’ll still maintain a positive outlook which would stand you in good stead for the next date

You deserve happiness

Cut yourself some slack. A terrific affirmation to boost your confidence is to accept that you might well be being too hard on yourself in the run-up to this date. Instead of placing all the emphasis on ensuring you do everything so your partner will have a good time, be a little selfish for a moment. Why shouldn’t you put yourself foremost in your thoughts? Instead of worrying about making a good impression on someone else, focus on your own attributes and aspirations.