Top 6 most effective affirmations to attract love & healthy relationships

No matter how contented you might be with a partner, human nature dictates there will always be moments of tension, ranging from doubt to outright antagonism. Much of this will arise from the dynamic of the relationship, as two people with individual characteristics continually interact with each other. But a lot of emotional instability can stem from your feelings. So, to some extent, the key to a successful relationship lies in your hands. No pressure there, then! Seriously, attracting love and healthy relationships can sometimes be down to your state of mind. Here are the top six positive affirmations that were compiled by relationship experts from this website.

“I am in a wonderful relationship, surrounded by love.”

Negative thoughts can arise when your self-esteem happens is simmering at a low level. But this affirmation impels you to take stock in what you have, and believe in yourself. While doubt and apprehension are natural, no matter how irrational they might be, if you believe in your innate abilities to make the best of your situation, these can be readily quashed.

“The more love I give, the more I receive.”

The strength within healthy relationships is always a two-way scenario. This is an excellent affirmation that will help you to remain grounded within your partnership, objective about your present, and always positive about your future together. If you inject enough strong emotions into what you and your partner are enjoying together, this will always be reciprocated. If it isn’t, you need to ask questions about why there might be an imbalance. But in the majority of instances, giving a relationship your all will result in nothing but mutual praise.

“My heart is always open to love.”

Another key to a healthy relationship is to keep your heart open. Never assume that contentment is finite. If you are truly in love with your partner, this is a situation that should continually be evolving, expanding. By all means, celebrate the strength of your affection by giving compliments, or marking important anniversaries with gifts or arranging romantic liaisons. But always be prepared to have your feelings ignited – at any time.

“I deserve a passionate partnership.”

People can often be guilty of ‘settling’ for things, especially if their situation keeps them at a certain level of happiness. Another crucial affirmation is to appreciate that there is never anything wrong with expecting more. You deserve more – you deserve the best! If there isn’t enough red hot passion simmering in your relationship, then do all you can to introduce intensity. Your partner is certainly not going to impede you in any way. If anything, a pre-emptive strike by you, by way of tactile behavior, initiating a physical encounter, will be welcomed with open arms. If you demonstrate the courage to be forthright and wear your heart on your sleeve, this will encourage your significant other to do likewise. This should never be seen as a competition, but where romance is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of tit for tat!

 “Love can overwhelm.”

Love can burn so brightly it takes your breath away. This is when you might find yourself dwelling on worries or anxieties that what you have might not necessarily always feel this powerful. Stop right there. Never assume that this abject joy you are consumed with is going to have some sort of natural ‘sell by’ date, like a commodity on a supermarket shelf. Provided you both apply the same levels of commitment and fervor, and never take each other for granted, you can ensure the flame might occasionally flicker, but it will never, ever be extinguished.