The 7 Most Inspiring Moving Forward Quotes!

Starting from scratch and achieving big goals is sometimes very difficult, but not impossible. Imagine a flower. It grows from a small seed that can germinate even months, but one day it will become a big beautiful flower. It does not matter whether it grew in the meadow, forest, garden or out of the mud.

For that matter, this Buddhist proverb says it all. “Like a lotus flower that grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, we can rise above our defilements and sufferings of life!”

Be inspired by those who started from scratch, but achieved enormous success.

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Hillary Clinton on Moving Forward

inspirational quotes

Henry Ford on Moving Forward

moving forward quotes

Unknown author on Moving Forward

inspirational quotes

Unknown author on Moving Forward


Stephen R. Covey on Moving Forward

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Confucius on Moving Forward

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Susannah Cahalan on Moving Forward