Top 7 Relationship Affirmations That ACTUALLY Work

Love affirmations. Sometimes they can sound as if they deserve to be printed in the middle of a greetings card. But on other occasions, depending on who’s actually behind the saying, the words can means so much more than a glib comment. When you are in the habit of using a dating site like NaughtyDate, the chances are you’ll come across your fair share of genuine people, but also singles who are less than honest when they’re reaching out in a virtual dating environment.

The good news is it can be fairly easy to detect the different tones, and relationship affirmations are one way of giving feelings legitimacy, giving them so much more poignancy. So what are some examples you might hear on a dating site that should work? There are many, but here are seven that should do the trick.

I deserve happiness in my relationship

Although relationships are, by their very nature, a two-way connection, there is often a temptation to put the other person on more of a pedestal, especially if you’re relatively new to each other. This mantra reinforces the notion that you will get the best out of what you have with your significant other if you do your utmost to place your happiness at the center.

I am a magnet for positive people

If you can instill a sense of positivity in yourself, others will be naturally drawn to you. This is particularly the case when it comes to Internet dating, where your voice might be clamoring to be heard amongst the crowd. If you consistently come across as a buoyant and optimistic individual, you will attract so much more attention than any cynical neighbors.

I’m ready for a loving relationship

There is a natural assumption that everyone who uses dating sites is poised to pounce on the first likely candidate who comes along. But you will get far more out of a relationship if you are prepared for its eventuality, and are ready to connect with someone compatible.

The most important person in this relationship – myself!

It might not seem like an obvious relationship affirmation to make, but putting yourself at the center of your online communications and aspirations is crucial to making the most out of any burgeoning love affair. This is not a selfish or egotistical point of view, it is merely an acceptance that to make the most out of your relationship you have to have confidence in being the best person you can be.

My relationship will be the best thing in my life

While it can be tempting to view relationship issues as aspects of life that need to be treated with the same deference as any others, you must view relationships as being a pinnacle. Be prepared to commit a lot of your energy to ensure you make the most out of what you have. As soon as issues arise, deal with them immediately.

I will surround myself with supportive people

Another aspect that will make your relationship much more successful will be if this is not an undertaking for the two of you alone. It is therefore important to surround yourself with reliable people. Who can you most count on for advice during those moments when you are having issues?

Experiencing love makes me so grateful

Love should never be taken for granted. This final affirmation is one of the most important. If you feel as if you are in love, don’t just treat this as the logical conclusion of your happy love affair. Look upon it as something which should make you feel grateful every day.