Top Asian Quotes About Love and Marriage

In man lies the eternal and exalting need to love.

Love destroys death and turns it into an empty ghost; it turns life from nonsense into something meaningful and makes happiness from unhappiness.

When you remember the time when you loved, it seems that since then nothing more has happened.

Life distracts our attention all the time, and we do not even have time to notice what it distracts us from.

In life, there is no other meaning than what a person gives to it, revealing their own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Some people often complain that roses have thorns. I thank the thorns for the fact that they have roses.

He who loves no one is loved by none.

A saint is a person who does not rise above the external world, but, on the contrary, enjoys it, lives in it, as if they are dissolved in it.

When I do not die of love, when I have nothing to die of, then I’m ready to die!

The one who doesn’t know love – doesn’t know life.

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Without freedom, human life has neither meaning nor dignity, and this is the most important thing. The meaning of life is to love; you have to create and multiply it. And without freedom, one can neither pray, nor create, nor love.

Everyone should ask themselves a question, which is more important, love or life.

Love will give you the first proof that life is not meaningless. People who say that life is meaningless have not known love. They simply say that they lacked love in their lives.

When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will have any meaning is the love that you gave and received. On your journey to the next world, the only thing you can take with you is love. The only valuable thing you leave in this world is love. Nothing else. I knew people who easily endured many difficulties in their lives and were happy, but had not yet met a person who could endure life without love. That is why love is the greatest gift in life. It gives life meaning. It is because of it that it is worth living.

Invest your love in everything you do. If you are in trouble, turn inward: what lesson should be drawn from this situation? You are not giving enough love to what you do!

The life of the heart is love, and its death is malice and enmity. The Lord holds us on earth in order for love to fully penetrate our hearts: this is the purpose of our existence.

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He who has not experienced how the entire world changes when your mind is filled with love – doesn’t know life itself.

Obtain the spirit of peace – and you will save thousands of others around you.

Love is the life-giving fire in the soul of mankind, and everything created by man under the influence of this feeling is marked by the seal of life and poetry.

Our education concerns marriage so little that most of us don’t even know what marriage is, and we need to build a good marriage step by step.

Like fire, which in reed, straw or a hare’s hair easily flashes, but quickly dies away, if it does not find other food for itself, love is brightly ignited by blooming youth and physical attractiveness, but it will soon fade away if it is not nourished by the spiritual dignity and good character of young spouses.

Angels call it heavenly joy, devils call it hellish torment, people call it love.

Love is a meaningful word, the harmony of creation demands it, without it there is no life.

It is better to love and lose love than never to love at all.

The purpose of human life is to serve people, participate in their lives and be ready to help them.

Love is the beginning and the end of our existence. There is no life without love. That is why love is that which a wise person bows to.

The whole point of life lies in the endless conquest of the unknown, in the eternal effort to know more. In the constant struggle to be loved.

To love is to see a person as God intended them.

There is nothing in this world but the true purpose of the present moment. All human life is a sequence of moments. If a person understands the present moment to the end, they don’t need to do anything and nothing to strive for. Live and stay true to the true purpose of the present moment …

The will to find the meaning of life is the most human phenomenon since only an animal would not be concerned with the meaning of its existence.