Top dating advice based on zodiac, no matter your gender

We, as people, are very different from one another, and yet we are brought together by things that make us the same. One thing we are all after is love, and no matter if we’re looking for straight dating, mature dating, Asian dating or whatever kind of dating there is, the only thing that matters is that we need the love of other people in order to survive.

Of course, we all know that love isn’t something that just falls out of the sky, at least not all the time and not for everyone. Some people have to work harder than others to find their true another half. Some just need to browse the Chinese dating site. Luckily, there are signs that can help you achieve this goal. Here is some great dating advice based on the mysterious powers of astrology.


You find success very appealing and successful men or women will trigger something in you. You are not afraid of getting into a relationship with an independent person that has no problem with speaking their mind and remaining firm on their positions when someone contests their point of view.


You are most likely looking for someone with an energetic personality and yet a sensitive outlook on life. The person for you will not be afraid to be daring in situations that demand it and will also provide you with plenty of joyous moments of laughter, due to their funny side.


Do you like the humor of a specific kind? Or maybe sarcasm is more your thing? Either way, you’re going to get a little bit of both worlds when you finally meet the right person for you. As a Gemini, you are probably inclined towards letting your joker side out more often than others, and your other half will notice and appreciate this aspect of your personality.


You are after something completely different. Devotion and loyalty are the qualities that you cherish most, and you wish to see them surface in the lover of your dreams. Luckily enough for you, that’s what you’ll end up having granted you continue your search until you meet the right person. Your love interest will have a natural talent for lifting your spirits and for comforting you when you’re not in your best moment.


As a Leo, you need someone that is not afraid to take the reins of this relationship and steer it in new, adventurous directions. As a result, you will constantly be challenged and introduced to new situations and you’ll thank them for it eventually. Your person of interest should be strong and have a firm stance on the important things in life, even if it’s a different one from yours.