Tricks for Breaking In Tough Boots

Boots are an amazing type of footwear, as they can be worn on multiple occasions without taking anything away from your final outfit. But, if you want your boots to last you for a long time, then it’s important to choose a quality pair made of durable materials that are resistant to various weather conditions and other types of wear. Also, if you’ve just bought yourself a lovely new pair of boots, and you have issues with breaking in them, then here are some tips and tricks that will help you pull it off. 

Choose the right size 

We’re all guilty of buying the wrong size at least once in a lifetime. Sometimes, the pair of shoewear is so stunning that even a similar, yet still wrong size won’t deter one from buying. But, if you want your boots to be comfortable and long-lasting, you should choose the right size just to be sure. Simply, wearing boots that are too small is a lost battle, while boots that are too big might cause you blisters due to friction and tearing. If you’re ordering online, then feel free to order a few sizes, so you can be sure that you’re making the right choice. 

Don’t forget band-aids 

Getting used to new footwear is often frustrating, and in that case, band-aids are your best friend. Simply, slap on a piece of a band-aid before wearing the boots, especially if you’ve just bought them. The band-aids will protect your feet from blisters and discomfort, but make sure to choose those that are larger and made of fabric, as they’re more comfortable and reliable than those made of plastic. 

Wear thicker socks 

If you’ve ever wondered does leather shoes stretch, well you’re right. Leather does stretch, so if your boots are difficult to break in, then wearing thicker socks might do the trick. Feel free to wear your boots around the house or while doing things in your backyard, just make sure to keep them clean in case you need to return them. Also, the best season to break in your boots is summer. Simply, heat and sweat from your feet will loosen the fibers from the leather, thus making your boots more comfortable and easier to wear. 

Treat the leather 

Leather requires more care and maintenance, so if you have issues getting in your boots, then it’s critical to ensure that leather is well-cared for. Using a leather softener to add moisture and treating it with additional gels and creams will help the leather stretch, which, in return, will help you break in them with more ease.

Give it time 

In some situations, forcing things can be counterproductive. And if you’re planning to break in tough boots, then you should give it time, especially if your first few attempts have been unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that it takes about a night for the moisture to evaporate from boots, and that’s why taking a break might be helpful. Also, this tip is a great way to extend the longevity of your boots, plus you’ll be able to reduce the odor to the minimum. In case you want to preserve the leather and keep your boots looking good, make sure to get quality shoe trees and place them in your boots in between the wears. 


Your boots deserve to look good, and you equally deserve to wear them and feel comfortable while doing so. These tips will definitely help you break in your boots, but in case issues persist, don’t be shy to take them to a professional who’ll be able to take a better look. Finally, remember to start slow because forcing things, in this case, might leave your boots more damaged and uncomfortable, and it’s important to avoid that if you want boots to be durable and long-lasting.