Tricks for Winging Every Scrabble Game

There are ways to get better at every game, including Scrabble. Sometimes, it is as simple as going to a site like and use their resources to learn new words. However, you can follow certain tricks to make things better.

The Seven-Letter Word Hack

Ever heard of Play Smart, Not Hard? Yes, it applies almost everywhere. Try to act smart and score a Bingo- use all seven tiles on your rack to form an excellent word to score 50 bonus points! And no, you don’t have to be exceptionally good at spelling tests, dictations and remembering a vocabulary list learning to wing it in this game. It’s as easy as in any other game.

You may have to do a little homework for an easy win. Focus on the big seven-letter words you come across in everyday life. Go through dictionaries and thesauri and those thick colorful encyclopedias in your leisure time. Make sure you know a few lists of the published scrabble lists, so no one can outplay you. Especially collect words with high value letters like Z and J.

If you’re almost there with the seven-letter word, except for one odd tile, let’s say, try to use that one up in your very next turn. Many two-letter words can be formed, some are quite odd. You can find them online. Now, you will hopefully get a better letter as a replacement to score big on another turn. This way, your bingo will still hang on and you will have the upper hand in the game.

Opening and closing the board strategically

By learning how and when to open and close the board at the perfect time, you will be able to win the game and not leave open opportunities for the opponents.

An ‘open board’ refers to open space on the board for scoring high and the jackpot blocks left to be covered. You then play strategically by making all the scoring moves like building a bingo, seven-letter word, and utilizing the double-letter and triple-letter scores. In these attempts, you will surely be leaving opportunities behind for your opponents to take advantage of. However, this risk is significantly covered if you make a high score.

In an attempt to ‘close the board’, you are playing more cautiously and this is a tactic to use when your opponents has the upper hand.  You make calculated moves with minimal tiles and creating short words to have no open-ends for the opponent. This way, you make it difficult for them to survive. 

The Bottom Line

Scrabble is popular and you can be creative to win. In years from now they could be talking about Elsie’s winning streak or that time when that word shouldn’t have been allowed but was but only because so and so wasn’t feeling too well. There will also be recurring discussions about the rules, like the Double Challenge where points are awarded to the challenger if a challenge turns out to be valid. Some play it, some don’t. It never really gets resolved because arguing for or against is part of the fun. Players just agree to disagree until the circumstances repeat and the point comes up again. As well as a good game and a social event you could say that scrabble provides a healthy mental workout and you don’t really have to know what a ‘qis’ is to play.  Just learn the tricks to get better results!