Uber in Ukraine – My UBER Experience and Prices

There is nothing new under the sun that Ukraine is a very cheap country. However, the fact that the Uber taxi ride can be almost cheaper than a pack of cigarettes or a regular meal in the restaurant, it was completely new to me.

When I first came to Ukraine, I was appalled by the public transport. The buses were mostly full, it looked like a sardine tin, and pushing among the people and not knowing where to get off, literally shocked me.

Since some places were quite distant from each other, I started thinking about Uber. And when I found out how much such a ride costs, the stone from my heart fell.

Let’s take a look at the prices for my rides:

#1 Drive

From Khreschatyk St, 20-22, Kyiv to Holosiivskyi Ave, 70, Kyiv

#2 Drive

From Velyka Vasylkivska St, 65, Kyiv to Holosiivskyi Ave, 70, Kyiv


#3 Drive

From Kotliarska St, 1, Lviv to Lviv Railway Station

Fare: 59.09UAH (2.27USD) Fare: 49.24UAH (1.89USD) Fare: 42.79UAH (1.64USD)
Distance: 11,8km Distance: 5km Distance: 3km


Drivers and Cars

All the drivers were very kind and surprisingly on time. And even though none of them spoke English, I never had any complications as there was no reason to communicate. However, if you do not know any Ukrainian or Russian, you can talk with your hands.

All the cars were quite old but clean.