Using Meditation to Handle Stress Better

When you’re stressed-out and high-strung due to the challenges life throws at you, adding more fuel to the fire in form of stimulants such as coffee really isn’t a good idea. Adrenaline might keep us awake and alert for short bursts of activity, but using it as a crutch to get through the day can only lead to long-term health complications.

This is why meditation is such a great way to deal with pressure, both from the outside and from within. Rather than exciting you even further or fooling your brain into thinking that it has more energy to spare than it actually does, meditation is a calming, soothing and regenerative practice which helps build up energy reserves and de-stress the nerves. This in turn causes better productivity since we can get more things done when we’re calm and collected. Time spent meditating is definitely not wasted!

Long-term meditation doesn’t just bring about stress reduction; it also primes our brains to deal with future stress more effectively. When we’re subjected to stressful situations, the part of our brain which has evolved more recently and is in control of conscious thought and foresight, the prefrontal cortex, takes a back seat to older, more primitive regions of the hypothalamus and amygdala that govern our “fight or flight” responses. With conscious effort brought on by mindful meditation, the activity of the prefrontal cortex can be strengthened, leading to controlled and much more manageable responses to stress.

When the physical level of stress we experience is smaller, so is the number and potency of diseases that arise because of it. Meditation has been shown to reduce the onset of headaches and stress-related skin conditions, lower heightened blood pressure, alleviate the symptoms of mild psychological problems as well as help with insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

There are two broad categories of meditation that have a positive impact on our stress levels. The first one, mindfulness, has become very popular lately. It focuses on the here and now and engages the mind in active participation. Other than relieving stress, this practice helps with anxiety and improves cognition.

Transcendental meditation focuses on reaching a consciousness unlike wakefulness or sleep. The benefits of this type of meditation include a heightened ability to find solutions to problems and improved creative thinking.
There’s really no downside to adding meditation into your daily routine. The 20 or so minutes required for a productive session will end up paying much higher dividends when it comes to less stressed, healthier living.

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