Venus in Aries with Venus in Aries

This is a natural attraction that may happen quite suddenly, provided one of the individuals hasn’t done something to irritate the other. These two may fight at times, but any arguments tend to blow over as quickly at they arise.

Venus in Aries with Venus in Aries

They are both ardent and open in their affections, and probably enjoy sharing in other activities besides sex. Since they can be quite competitive, they need to make sure such activities remain friendly. They also tend to be very independent and do not like others telling them what to do, even though they can be a little bossy themselves.

They have very affectionate and expressive natures, but also love getting attention and admiration from others. Unless you or both has planets in Libra or Pisces, they can be lacking in tact and consideration of the feelings of others.

The original text comes from The Astrology of Whole Relationships by Michael A. Katzenberg