Virgo Born on September 3

If you were born on the 3rd of September, your zodiac sign (Sun sign) is Virgo. Virgos are well known for owning the habit of analyzing everything and paying attention to every single detail. As an earth sign, they keep their feet on the ground and believe in a common sense.

Virgos are natural worriers and the list of their worries is endless. It’s no use pointing our that most of the things they worry about never actually happen. They always carefully plan; all the moves will be figured our in advance, and always need some assurance or confirmation.

Individuals born on the 3rd of September are wholehearted about what they do and strive for perfection, but they are also a fun-loving teaser.

They can be curiously detached when their mind races on to the next new thing. In love, they need a special person who can match their high ideals.

Romantically, they have strong desires and must be careful not to become a love addict. Sexually, they are intense and can drown themselves in passion.

Famous Virgos Born on September 3 Virgo born on september 3
Charlie Sheen, Konan, Rita Volk or August Alsina.

Some excerpts of this text are from the book Virgo by Joanna Martine Woolfolk