Warlock Asylum Working To Reduce Fatality Rate In Adult Industry With Beautiful People

Beautiful People is a new project developed by author Messiah’el Bey with the primary focus of reducing the fatality rate in the adult entertainment industry and among celebrities living an alternative lifestyle. Popularly known by the pseudonym Warlock Asylum, Bey has gained a following for his artistic endeavors and work as a spiritualist, which has led to the release of several bestselling books written by the poetic author. When asked about his interest in the lives of porn stars and how the project was first conceived, Bey responded:

“One of the things that I am incorporating into my work as a healer is trying to reduce the fatality rate in the porn industry. According to recent statistics the mortality rate of a porn star is 35 years of age. From the perspective of a spiritualist, a mission of this sort is like a catch twenty-two because when thousands of people are focusing sexual energy and gratification towards a single person in a single moment it can drastically alter the life of the recipient. There are ways of grounding this energy, which I will be sharing. In any event, I am working on a series called Beautiful People for my online newspaper Warlock Asylum International News. The Beautiful People series focuses on the good that adult entertainers and people living an alternative lifestyle contribute to human society.

I was greatly turned off by some of the comments I heard after the death of adult star Alicia Tyler, whose daughter was a toddler at the time of her passing. In any event, some people online were saying that she was just a whore and that her life didn’t matter. Yet, this woman was still a mother. It’s sad to see such ignorance demonstrated by people in mainstream society. Fortunately, I’ve received positive feedback and support by some leading names in the industry like Tanya Tate, Jillian Janson, and the staff at Star Factory PR. I think just creating a channel of support with interviews and just a voice of being there can create a shift.”

Updates concerning the Beautiful People series and many of the upcoming interviews with adult entertainers will be posted on Warlock Asylum International News. Bey also announced that he will be releasing a film with the same theme in the upcoming year.  For more information please visit www.warlockasyluminternationalnews.com