Ways of Dressing for Confidence

For most of us, our toughest critics are ourselves. Which means many of us will regularly put ourselves down, focusing on our insecurities – leaving our confidence in tatters. The problem with this is, not only are you wrong, but when we feel low in confidence, we often shy away from the limelight. This can lead us to missing out on promotions at work, avoiding dates and, ultimately, results in us feeling unhappy in our lives. 

This is why it’s time to change your mind-set and start dressing as a happy and confident person. As, by dressing like a confident person, you will start to look and feel happier and more confident in yourself. This means you’ll never miss out on a work or life opportunity again! 

Ready to boost your confidence? Here are some simple ways for you to dress more confidently.

Choose Bright Colors 

When we’re feeling bad about our bodies, we often dress in dark and boring colors in the hope that we blend into the background. However, if we want to look confident, it’s time to embrace bright colors and step out of the shadows. 

Not only are bright colors warm and inviting, by choosing to wear bright colors, those around you will notice and interact with you more. So, when you’re indulging in some online shopping, never be afraid to choose the brightest and boldest colors and prints available.

Embrace Your Body Shape 

Beauty magazines might lead us to believe that only one body type is beautiful – but they couldn’t be more wrong! Every body type is beautiful – the key to feeling confident in yours is to dress according to the body type you have

Always remember to accentuate the areas you feel the most confident about. For instance, if you like your waist, accentuate it with a belt. Or, if you think your legs are your best feature, show them off with a nice pair of jeans or a skirt. 

Plus, if there is a particular part of your body that you dislike, you can always work towards improving that area – which will boost your confidence even more. 

Add Sass to Your Wardrobe 

To really boost your confidence, add a little sass to your wardrobe with a new piece of clothing or some accessories. Something like a sassy pair of branded sunnies or a stylish pair of ripped jeans can really help you stand taller and more confident. 

No matter if it’s for your day job or a stunning outfit for a night out, by treating yourself to something new, you’ll feel a boost in confidence knowing how good you look. 

Remember to Smile! 

If you really want to dress to look confident, by far the best thing you can do is learn to smile more. Just like they sing in ‘Annie’, you are “never fully dressed without a smile”. So, before you leave your home every morning, remember to fix a smile on your face. 

Not only does a bright smile make you look confident, but by smiling you will brighten your face and make yourself look and feel younger. Even better, the more you smile, the more likely you are to trick your mind into feeling happier – which makes you look and feel at your best!