What Are Bingo Calls and Numbers: Other Significant Aspects About Bingo You Need to Know

Bingo is surely among the popular game worldwide. People might not know how to play bingo must have heard or even used the bingo word many times. If you are a little familiar with the game, you might know the words used in the game of bingo. Some new players get confused when hearing about bingo calls and numbers, while some bingo calls are known to most of the players. The nicknames and the stories behind the bingo numbers have been in existence for more than 60 years in the UK. This was the time when Bingo became popular for the first time. Since then, this gambling game has embraced the new changes and now players can play bingo online with their smartphones and PC.  

The rumours say that bingo calls were created with the purpose of covering slow and loud number generating machines in those times. Well, the reasons and myths have their own logic but we all agree with the fact that bingo calls can increase the fun and the entertainment of the game. 

What are Bingo Calls? 

As a player, you might familiar with the basic concept of the bingo calls. They are used to identify all the bingo numbers (90) mentioned on the board. Every number from 1 to 90 has been assigned with the nicknames. The sole purpose behind this was to distinguish the similar-sounding number, for example, 19 and 90. As we said, they were created in the UK when bino was enjoying its great success, however, all the nicknames to the bingo numbers were changed according to the regional languages. Some players even consider some bingo numbers with specific nicknames as good luck. Many bingo announcers even added new references to the bingo calls and numbers. 

When Were Bingo Calls Introduced? 

The game of bingo was already in the existence, but it gets more popular in 1930. At this time, new tech to select the random numbers was used. There had been many incidents of calling wrong numbers by the bingo callers. This allowed the players to check the numbers when a ball came into the container. And this became instant popularity among the players as they were able to see the number that was announced. Nevertheless, this was a time-consuming process and it wasn’t practical at all the events. That’s when bingo calls were being developed. It is being said that in the game of Housey-housey, similar calls were used when it was played in the army and that is why bingo calls have many military terms. 

The Bingo Call Numbers in the UK and Some European Nations 

1) Kelly’s Eye
2) One Little Duck
3) Cup of Tea
4) Knock at the Door
5) Man Alive
6) Tom Mix
7) Lucky Seven
8) Garden Gate
9) Doctor’s Orders 
10) Cameron’s Den 
11) Legs 11
12) One Dozen
13) Unlucky for Some
14) Valentine’s Day
15) Young and Keen
16) Sweet 16
17) Dancing Queen
19) Goodbye Teens
20) One Score
21) Royal Salute
22) Two Little Ducks
23) Thee and Me
24) Two Dozen
25) Duck and Dive
26) Pick and Mix
27) Gateway to Heaven
28) Over Weight
29) Rise and Shine
30) Dirty Gertie
31) Get Up and Run
32) Buckle My Shoe
33) Dirty Knee
34) Ask for More
35) Jump and Jive
36) Three Dozen
37) More than 11
38) Christmas Cake
39) Steps
40) Naughty 40
41) Time for Fun
42) Winnie the Pooh
43) Down on Your Knees
44) Droopy Drawers
45) Halfway There  
46) Up to Tricks
47) Four and Seven
48) Four Dozen
49) PC
50) Half a Century
51) Tweak of the Thumb
52) Danny La Rue
53) Stuck in the Tree
54) Clean the Floor
55) Snakes Alive
56) Was She Worth It?
57) Heinz Varieties
58) Make Them Wait
59) Brighton Line
60) Five Dozen
61) Bakers Bun
62) Turn the Screw
63) Tickle Me 63
64) Red Raw
65) Old Age Pension
66) Clickety Click
67) Made in Heaven
68) Saving Grace
69) Either Way Up
70) Three Score and 10
71) Bang on the Drum
72) Six Dozen
73) Queen B
74) Candy Store
75) Strive and Strive
76) Trombones
77) Sunset Strip
78) Heaven’s Gate
79) One More Time
80) Eight and Blank
81) Stop and Run
82) Straight on Through
83) Time for Tea 
84) Seven Dozen
85) Staying Alive
86) Between the Sticks 
87) Torquay in Devon 
88) Two Fat Ladies 
89) Nearly There 
90) Top of the Shop  

Bingo Callers at Online Casinos  

The popularity of bingo at bingo halls, bingo events, pubs, and other such places has opened opportunities to modern bingo calls and numbers by adding new nicknames. Now online bingo platforms also work in this way. Well, at online bingo sites, the number announced by the bingo caller is clearly visible and audible, but in order to enhance the classic entertainment, such bingo calls are used. With chat function at the online casinos, players can communicate and share bingo nicknames, and because a player from all across the world can play at a single platform, they can share regional bingo calls. The online platform has allowed the users to bring even new nicknames that can be used for a particular game. 

These nicknames and the bingo saying help to increase the social element of the game at online casinos as well. Since the fun and the entertainment are the prime ingredients of the bingo game, sharing funny regional bingo calls can be an amazing thing. This enriches the gameplay experience whether you play online or offline. So, bingo calls and number with nicknames have their own meaning and they cannot be forgotten even at the time of the digital world.