What Are Progressive Jackpot Slots and How to Win Them

World software providers regularly release new games with profitable offers. Among the most famous types, there are machines with a growing reward. The main feature of such games is that they issue a very big prize that grows every minute. There are also the entire networks of video games in which the prize pool grows in mathematical progression. How to boost your chances to succeed? Find the possible answers below.

Five Tips to Hit a Growing Jackpot

Today, it is more than easy to find games with the best progressive jackpots on the Internet. As soon as you have found the one that you like most of all, it is time to try your chances. These tips from professional players will help you:

  1. Any slot should be thoroughly studied. Before placing real money, study the information section and familiarize yourself with the rules.
  2. Give preference to the options that have not been won for at least 4 weeks and have an impressive prize pool.
  3. Play classic video slots with three reels – it’s much easier to win on them.
  4. To win the entire prize pool, you need to place maximum bets.
  5. Whether you managed to receive the maximum prize on a slot machine, then do not place bets in it until a new one is formed.

In growing reward games, the prize continues to increase when players around the world bet their money. In the end, the game will pay out a huge prize to one lucky participant. Here are some games where you can try your fortune:

1) Mega Moolah

This is a slot developed by Microgaming, which has 25 pay lines and 4 different prizes: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega. The chance to win the jackpot increases with the size of the bet. The largest reward ever paid on this machine was in October 2015 when the British player won 13.2 million euros.

2) Immortal Romance

In a world full of disappointments, there is nothing better than hearing a story of true love. The love story of Sarah and Michael – the vampire and mortal, will capture you in the same way as the features and bonus rounds that bring wins presented in this online slot.

3) Game of Thrones

This is an excellent gaming interpretation of award-winning TV series Game of Thrones that not only creates a feeling of presence in the world of ice and flame but also gives players the opportunity to win big.

In Conclusion

Even if you prefer regular roulette or poker, why don’t you try playing some of the progressive slots to add some variety into your daily routine? You can even become the next major winner that all online casino players will talk about! Ready?