What Does Holistic Healing Involve?

You’ve probably heard of people who take a holistic approach to health and wellness. But just what does holistic healing involve? Here’s a guide.

Holistic healing combines complementary therapies with mainstream Western medicine. There’s been an enormous rise in some of these treatments recently.

The use of meditation increased threefold in the five years up to 2017, for example. So what’s all the fuss about? Here are some of the more common types of holistic medicine for those in need of physical or mental support.

1. Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Holistic treatments date back thousands of years. Holistic medicine sees a person as a whole entity, which includes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. A holistic approach works on the principle of getting the right balance in life.

Mindfulness is a kind of meditation that helps reduce anxiety. When you are quiet and still, it’s normal for your ‘worry thoughts’ to be at the forefront of your mind. 

If you are being mindful, you might concentrate on the touch of a shirt on your body or the sound of a ticking watch instead. This diverts your attention from things you can do nothing about. It can then help you to relax.

The results are very effective. Mindfulness is prescribed by public health professionals in the United Kingdom as an alternative to drugs. 

2. Yoga for Wellness

There has been a dramatic increase in those taking up yoga over the past few years. It can help with back pain and can improve flexibility whilst increasing core strength.

Let’s say you suffer from breathing difficulties. The simplest solution might seem to take medicine or even undergo an operation. Instead, yoga can increase your respiratory endurance and be part of the solution to your breathing issues.

3. A Balanced Diet and Holistic Healing

Doctors may prescribe drugs for mild depression. A holistic approach would look at the real causes of the problem which may lie beneath the surface. This may include looking at a person’s diet.

A course of treatment might include dietary changes. Overeating could be adding to a person’s depressive mood. It might offer short-term pleasure but then cause feelings of low self-esteem. 

4. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

This kind of therapy involves inducing a person into a state of trance through visualization. This would normally only be experienced twice in a day. That would be at the moment just before you become consciously awake.

It also happens just before you drift off to sleep. QHHT claims to give access to past lives and to bring about certain kinds of healing.  

5. Chiropractic Care

This is a safe way to relieve neck, back, and joint pain. Chiropractors offer therapies which can reduce aches through spinal manipulation. This can help to restore mobility and let joints heal quicker. Choosing a quality and experienced chiropractor is crucial. Find a chiropractor in Scottsdale that will help you relieve the pain and change your life for the better.

6. Acupuncture for Smokers

This is one of the most helpful tools to break the addiction cycle. It uses very fine needles which are inserted into certain parts of the body.

It helps to regulate the body’s natural energy flow. That can reduce nicotine cravings, calm the mind, and ease anxieties. Treatment can also strengthen the lungs by clearing phlegm and tar.

A Healthier Future 

Holistic healing offers a broad range of complimentary benefits to traditional Western medicine. Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and hypnosis are some of the most common types of treatments.

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