What is Dream Analysis Used For? 3 Ways an Analysis Can Benefit You

We forget as many as 95% of our dreams, but what do the 5% that we do remember mean?

Today, we’re going to be answering the question ‘what is dream analysis’ and exploring what our dreams could be trying to tell us.

What Is Dream Analysis?

Dream analysis is the practice of observing and interpreting the symbolism of our dreams. These symbols can give us an indication of our subconscious thoughts, feelings, and motivations.

Origin of Dream Analysis

Dream analysis has been a part of human culture for centuries, with historians theorizing that the practice dates back to the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia

To the people of this time, dreams were thought to be communications from the gods. They kept records of the themes and symbols of their dreams, turning to respected members of their spiritual community for interpretation of their meanings.

Benefits of Dream Analysis

The benefits of dream analysis are vast and will be different for each individual. However, let’s take a look at the top three ways anyone can benefit from this practice.

A Window Into Your State of Mind

Our bodies are limited in how they can communicate with us and often rely on our five senses for processing information. Aside from our physical senses, our dreams can be another form of communication between our bodies and minds.

When you dream, try to observe your surroundings. Are the skies dark and stormy? Do you feel safe in the location of your dream?

If you find yourself in a location that makes you anxious or feel unsafe, it could indicate that you have insecurities about your physical environment in reality. 

Likewise, a dark or stormy backdrop to your dream could be your mind warning you of stress or depression. Not all dreams have negative connotations. Take note of the positive dream situations you find yourself in as well.

Reveal How You’re Changing

Time and experience change all of us, and our dreams can reveal these changes to us. For example, if someone or something dies within your dream, it could be an indication that you’re leaving behind what no longer serves you.

In metaphysical practices such as dream analysis, death rarely means literal death. It is a symbol of transformation, of an ending so that you can have a new beginning.

Increase Spirituality

Dreams can also be a way for us to enhance our connection to the spiritual realm. Regardless of what belief system you follow, the symbols within your dreams can represent the spiritual realm trying to communicate with you.

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Dream Symbols

Dream symbolization is a vast subject, and there is a multitude of books that explore it. We’ve chosen a few of the most common symbols to give you some insight.

Being Chased: Could indicate that we’re running from or avoiding addressing a problem in our waking lives.

Flying: Can show us how in control we feel over our lives and our confidence levels regarding our goals or obstacles we face.

Death: Indicates an ending that makes room for a new beginning, rather than a literal death.

Dream Analysis: Connect With Your Subconscious Self

Now that we’ve explored the answer to ‘what is dream analysis,’ will you be keeping a record of your dreams? 

The meanings behind your dreams may reveal surprising information you never knew about yourself. If you’d like to learn more about the symbolism of dreams, check out our other articles on dream interpretations.