What is Positive Writing? Why Should You Use it?

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The way you present yourself in a written conversation or in written project says a lot about your verbal communication skills. Writing is essential part of communication and interpersonal skills. How you present your words is important, and what words you use while communicating is a difficult task, but not impossible.  

When it comes to writing, there are numerous ways you can improve it or fill it with more expression. For instance, listening to music while working on a written piece works best for some people. It keeps them energized and engaged while doing their assignments. However, for others on the hand, they might prefer working in complete isolation so they can put their utmost focus on their writing. The best technique, conclusively, varies for person to person as long as it helps them remained focused on the task. 

What is the strategy of writing positive message

By now, we know that there are different styles of writing. These styles and strategies are taught to students during their English academic learning as well. One of the best one is positive writing, a writing style which is inclusive and uplifting. It is the sort of writing which speaks of different possibilities, is clear and is abundant. Negative writing, on the other hand criticizes the subject and is stifling in nature. It focuses on the falls and flaws. Whenever you pick a pen to write or type in some words, they need to be inspiring or thought-provoking. 

A stumbling block which writers often face is that the tone of the communication they are trying to make is negative, or that the readers are enabled into taking it in a negative manner. Essentially, it is imperative for writers to avoid the use of negative tone and consciously infuse positive words in their content. One needs to help their readers see that the negative aspect can be a potential opportunity. For instance, if you were to fire an employee due to recession, you need to make sure that the letter you give them is in positive tone, so it subconsciously gives them the hope and confidence they need to move towards better opportunities. That is how you use positive writing to bring the much-needed change the lives of the readers. 

With positive writing, you get to create and expand openings which includes others as well. The way you write enables people to follow you and your stance. Therefore, with positive writing, you make the world expansive. You write about celebrating others, or you talk about opportunities or about hope, which the world could use right now. 

Despite what the nature of your subject is, a positive takeaway gives hope to people. If you are talking about the increasing crime rates of a country, a positive takeaway in the end could be how the much-needed reforms can give people the safety they deserve. This would motivate the readers to raise their voices and advocate for the reforms which are needed in the particular region. 

How do you define good writing

Words have their own negative and positive connotations. The words ‘spanked’, ‘hit’ and ‘slapped’ are used in rough contexts, but they have different associations and connotations. In the same manner, you can focus yourself on using words and phrases which leave a positive remark than a negative one. For example, “she was unable to complete the project” is far more positive than “she failed to complete the project”. While the bottom-line is the same, the mere change of word sets the difference in the tone which goes a long way. Same is applied with, “do not hesitate to call me” and “feel free to call me”; where the former may make the other person hesitant, whereas the latter would give the person to make that call in the hour of need. Writing the right and effective documents can boon your academic and professional career. Your words play a huge role in how you communicate. You might be one of professional ToK essay writers, a technical writer or an author, positive writing has a significant effect on your skills. Think critically and carefully when forming sentences and communicating through words. Keep your words simple, yet profound when doing any sort of a written assignment and you will see the impact positive writing has.