What Men Want – The Secrets To Turning Your Man Into A Bedroom Tiger

Are you confused by your man’s desires and needs in the bedroom? Here are five secrets that will you understand him better and improve your intimate moments. 

Men can be a mystery to women, and their behavior in the bedroom is not always easy to understand. These five ideas from LTC will help you solve the mystery.  

His Biggest Bedroom Worry – He’s Going to Disappoint You! 

You may feel confused about what your man wants, but he is probably doubly confused and worried about how he is going to please you.  Men regularly report feeling nervous about being able to perform adequately for their woman. 

Modern women have liberated role models like Madonna, the stars of “Sex and The City”, and dozens of other examples. They expect more in the bedroom than their predecessors and men feel the pressure to perform. They start questioning how they will stack up against your previous partners. You may not be worried about it, but the normal competitive male feels the pressure. He is constantly wondering, “Will I be good enough to satisfy her?” 

His nervousness may lead to a poor performance in bed, which he then beats himself up about.  

WARNING: If you man starts to blame you for problems in the bedroom, it could be an attempt to protect his own ego and cover up his performance concerns. You can change this attitude quickly if you are ready. 

If he complains, or even snaps at you, don’t take it to heart. He is frustrated. Avoid insulting him, or even worse, making fun of him. Just act like you aren’t worried about it. Men need their confidence to perform at their best, and your validating his prowess in the bedroom can turn him into a bedroom beast. 

Your man wants to be your hero. He needs to be the take-charge masculine guy who can make your toes curl and be the kind of lover you desire. Being able to satisfy makes him feel like a real man and it all starts with you giving him simple compliments. By you letting him know what he does right ensures he will do more of it and make him feel like your hero. 

ADVICE: When both of you encourage the other and point out what you like, it increases the fun and builds on your relationship. Even if it isn’t the best experience, be encouraging and learn to direct your love life to new heights. It can be a simple as looking happy and satisfied.

Have you always followed the “rules of dating” that you can’t have until a certain date? If you have strong feelings for the man it might be time to toss out those rules and follow your feelings. Men commit quicker to a relationship when is involved. He needs to know you find him attractive if you want him to stick around. That doesn’t mean you should go against your feelings, it means you should listen to your feelings. 

WARNING: If a man gets upset that you are the one initiating intimacy and , it is probably time to move on.  You need to be yourself, so don’t be afraid to make the first move if you feel like it. Most men will be happy you did, and probably feel a great sense of relief. 

You want your man to think you look , but have you ever stopped to think of what he thinks? Men may not worry about their weight and hair like women do, but your guy wants you to believe he is in your eyes. 

If you notice he always likes to turn the lights down he is probably feeling a little self-conscious. Men worry about their receding hairline, their belly, and even their height. A few words of affections and compliments on his appearance can make a dramatic change in his drive.

Don’t Cheat – Men Are Usually Not Forgivers 

Men take cheating as a serious slap in the face and consider it an insult against their manhood.  Statistically, men do not forgive their lover cheating on them as easily as a woman forgives a man. Men expect loyalty and when it is lost, they usually disappear. 

Support your man in front of his friends, co-workers, and family. Tell everyone how important he is in your life. Bolster his ego, without over-doing it. Your support will make him feel like your hero and will bolster his confidence and his levels of desire. You may unleash a tiger in the bedroom by announcing to the world that your man is something special to you. He needs your approval to become the type of man you desire.