Why Aberdeenshire Should Be Your Next Adventure Travel Destination

If you have ever wondered how great you can spend your time in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, then I have something perfect for you.

Last week I had a great opportunity to enjoy Aberdeenshire thanks to the hospitality of VisitAberdeenshire and I have to admit that it was very difficult to get back to reality after this trip. What I experienced, saw, tried, and learned during these three days was amazing. Simply extraordinary! As people are looking for the best travel places every year, you can share this amazing destination by TikTok. Check out SocialGerg for a bigger audience. 

I divided my thoughts into four categories: the beauty of nature, fantastic attractions, delicious food, and great accommodation. Each of the groups presents something that delighted me and that I will certainly never forget.

Also, I must mention that these three days were very intense, I saw a lot of fantastic things and I recommend this trip wholeheartedly. It’s not very often that you have a chance to get to know such a wonderful and interesting place like Aberdeenshire. 

Be in Nature

Nature is something that is very much connected with Scotland. That is why I would like to mention the wonderful natural sites which need to be visited in Aberdeenshire.

Glen Tanar Estate

Glen Tanar Estate is part of the huge and wonderful Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. The area includes thousands of acres of unique Highland landscapes that, combined with moors, forests and rivers, create a truly breathtaking natural site.

When mentioning Glen Tanar, the beautiful flora and fauna that dominate the landscape must be highlighted. From trees variety of trees such as pine, birch and oak through bushes, heather and moss to animals such as eagle, Scottish wildcat and Atlantic salmon.

Here you’ll find everything you want to explore and discover in Scotland and even more.

Stonehaven Harbour and Coastal Walk

Nature is not only limited to woods and hills but also water, in this case, the North Sea. This is a very turbulent and harsh sea, which has often destroyed the port in the town of Stonehaven, but it is so beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

The port of Stonehaven is the largest of its kind in Aberdeenshire, originally used as a mooring place for fishing boats but now serves more recreational purposes. The view from the harbour and surrounding area can really fill your eyes with its beauty. Even if there’s no sun!

The opportunity to walk along the coast and admire the captivating combination of nature and architecture is just magnificent and is accompanied by beautiful maritime-themed sculptures place next to the beach.

Hike Bennachie

Through the woods, the sea to the mountain ranges is a very short distance in Aberdeenshire. Bennachie Range is a fantastic place to hike.

The highest peak of this series of hills is Oxen Craig with a height of 528 meters. However, the real magic happens on another peak. On top of one of the hills called Mither Tap, there is an Iron Age fortress. 

The surrounding slopes with spectacular views and fantastic green land make this spot an instant fall in love. Even tiring climbing doesn’t stop you from seeing the wonderful gifts of our beautiful mother earth. 

Action adventure-packed days

Nature delights us at every step, but if we add something extra to it, it just leaves us speechless. How about fantastic activity options in Aberdeenshire?

Go Ape and Crathes Castle

Aberdeenshire has a lot to offer, but have you ever combined a visit to the 16th-century castle with the adrenaline boost of a zip wire called GoApe?

You can either enjoy the cultural life of a beautiful place with its architecture and the art displayed in it or go crazy on the ropes. In fact, you can do both things one by one! That’s fantastic!

Land Rover safari

Do you really have to leave Scotland to go to Safari? I don’t think so! Just head to the Glen Dye Estate in the Land Rover Safari.

The experience may be a bit different from the one in Africa, but you will surely be captivated by the opportunity to watch the fantastic nature while sitting inside a comfortable car. 

Balmoral Cairns

Who said that pyramid-shaped buildings are located only in Egypt? In Aberdeenshire, you will find monumental cairns that resemble pyramids.

There are more than eleven stone cairns in Balmoral, which were created to commemorate the members of the British Royal Family and the events from their lives.

It is worth mentioning that most of the cairns were built by Queen Victoria. Their appearance is unusual and very intriguing within Scottish nature in the background.

Dunnottar Castle

A castle on top of an incredible cliff? This can only be in Aberdeenshire!

Dunnottar Castle is a ruined fortress but it looks simply majestic, placed at the top of the cliff. This site captivates with its history and creates a unique scenery not only for photography but also for admiring it with your own eyes.

It is impossible to describe the impression that this place makes when it is seen in real-time. A real winner!

Clay pigeon shooting

Shooting is not for everyone but when you shoot the clay pigeon it takes on a completely different meaning and becomes just fantastic fun.

Lochter Activity Centre is located very close to Aberdeen so you can come here in your free time and enjoy shooting in controlled and safe conditions. It’s fun and it doesn’t hurt any animals. 

If you’re not into shooting, Lochter offers many other fun activities to choose like archery, segway riding, go-karting or even digger driving. You won’t get bored there for sure!

Locally sourced food

Food is a very important part of our lives and in Scotland food is simply delicious. Many local specialties will surely steal your heart. Mine surely did!

The Boat Inn

Scotland has many charming places and amazing products, so when you visit the village of Aboyne situated on the banks of the lovely River Dee, you should visit The Boat Inn and try delicious, freshly prepared specialties from local products. Plus, you’ll be enchanted by the décor of this place because it’s just amazing. 

Banchory Lodge Restaurant

Would you like to eat an exquisite meal on the riverbank? Visit the Banchory Lodge! The restaurant has a beautiful view of the River Dee and serves delicious local produce presented in a wonderful and charming way. The menu is seasonal, which greatly enhances the view outside and creates a unique atmosphere of a true Scotland. 

Buchanan Bistro

If you value something more modern combined with ecological products and meals served in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, Buchanan Bistro in Banchory will be the perfect choice for you. It is also worth mentioning that this place has excellent craft beers brewed locally. Worth visiting!

The Green Lady at Thainstone House

Thainstone House’s restaurant offers a unique culinary experience. You can choose from several places to dine and enjoy the views around the property. Each place is different from Club Room through The Green Lady 2 to Stockman’s bar, everyone will surely find something that will delight and enchant them. The food itself is delicious and very diverse.

Quirky and beautiful accommodations 

After a day of attractions, sightseeing and walking, it’s worth spending time in a pleasant, cosy place and waking up in a room with a breathtaking view! This is what the following locations offer.

Glen Dye Cabins and Lodges

Are you bored with the standard, monotonous hotel rooms? I have something that will delight you!

Glen Dye Cabins & Cottages is a place full of unusual character and wonderful, diverse interiors. Everyone will find something for themselves, from colourful, modern elements to luxurious accessories. This place is fun, exquisite and surrounded by magnificent views. It provides a powerful visual experience and is really worth a visit.

Thainstone House 

Do you fancy a good night’s sleep in a luxurious place? Thainstone House will be the perfect place for you!

The hotel offers 48 very elegant rooms, which differ in size and arrangement but each of them has a unique artistic flair. The rooms are designed with neutral colours and soft furnishings that bring to mind a combination of traditional and modern Scotland. The hotel also has a SPA where you can really relax after a long tiring day.  

Aberdeenshire is an extraordinary place, full of natural wonders and magnificent architecture. It delights and captivates at every step and does not let you forget about it.

I have briefly described what you can do and what is worth seeing in the Aberdeenshire area but I encourage you to visit these places, enjoy the attractions and taste the flavours of Aberdeenshire because it is really worth it.