Why is it important to remain original?

Academic writing can be very challenging. First, what is academic writing? This is a form of original work that requires you putting together and building upon the work that is already done by other people while also creating something completely new. The best way for you to keep your work original is by acknowledging all of the different work, ideas, or even the works of others which you have put into use. When you do this, you are going to maintain the integrity of your writing, and this is the most important thing to do if you want to remain original.

Avoiding plagiarism

Sometimes, plagiarism is unconscious and unintentional. It may occur while you are trying to out in information that you have gotten from different sources in your words but fail to do so properly. Plagiarism does not always occur because the student wants to cheat, but because the student does not know how ideas and words of others can be incorporated in the right way.

If you want to properly incorporate ideas and words of others while maintaining your originality, some of the options that you can try include:

  • Quote directly: you can put up quotation marks by the words while ensuring that the source is identified.
  • Paraphrasing: in doing this, you put the information out in your own words while still identifying the source.
  • Summarizing: you can take all of the ideas that are vital and get them paraphrased while identifying the source.

After employing any of the above methods, it is important that you try to find ways to help you check plagiarism. A good way to do that is at https://phdessay.com/online-plagiarism-checker/. As students doing academic writing, it might be very difficult to write papers that are free of plagiarism, this is why it is vital to check essay for plagiarism. The internet has helped in the fight against plagiarism not least because there are a lot of free essay checking tools available online.

Consequences of academic writing that is not original

Plagiarism, just like every other form and type of dishonesty associated with academics, like cheating and unauthorized collaboration, can have very great consequences, which might involve expulsion or suspension and all other forms of punishments depending on the type of institution the piece of academic writing is submitted to. Any student that plagiarize might fail the course or will have to redo the entire assignment.

Why is originality important?

The basis of any good academic writing is honesty. Without honesty, there is really no academic work. When you ensure that your writing is original, it will help you in trusting how valuable your very own intellect is, because when you write without plagiarizing, you have more belief in your own ability. The essence of academic writing is to improve academically, research a particular subject, and learn one or two things about the topic that might be useful for you later on. When you plagiarize, you deprive yourself the opportunity of actually learning, and you are not only cheating the system by doing this but also cheating yourself by depriving yourself of knowledge that you should have gotten.

Things that can help you improve the originality of your writing:

  • Analytical thinking: your ability to analyze things can help you maintain originality in your writing. This is so because research is only going to give you information that you can write, it is analytical thinking that will help you refine the information and the findings of your research. It is this ability that can help you to get a piece of information and also communicate the information to your readers.
  • Research skills: the most important part of getting an excellent academic essay written is proper research. If you want to be sure that your essay is totally original, you have to be very knowledgeable about the topic, which can be achieved by putting a lot of effort into research work. It is only through research that you can get yourself educated on any particular topic. It is this education that will help you to critically think and also form your very own opinion.
  • Work ethic: the reason why most people plagiarize is that they do not put in enough work or time into working on their academic essays and if you want to remain original, you must be willing to put in the right amount of work.