Why it is the best for you career to invest in your personal development

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Investing in oneself and one’s development is the best way to increase one’s personal capital, everyone writes about it and says it all over the world . Why do you need to invest primarily in yourself? And what does it mean – “investing in yourself or invest in your personal development”?


An investment is an investment in a certain project in order to make a profit, and although this term was originally used exclusively for financial transactions, today it has a broader meaning says ResumeGet.com. You can invest not only money, but also any other resources: time, energy, effort, etc.

However, the main meaning of the term – investing in order to get a return – has remained unchanged. And investing in yourself is essentially no different from other investments: you invest money, time and effort in your own development with a purpose to get a result.

As a result, you can increase your status, improve the quality of life or career achievements – what exactly you want to achieve is up to you. But there are universal “self-investments” – those that will help you achieve your goals faster, whatever those goals may be.


The best way to achieve the goals is to know what exactly these goals are. No matter how strange it may sound, despite the fact that we all know how important it is to set goals for ourselves, really few people approach setting goals in life systematically and generally seriously bother about this.

Most often we imagine what we want — for example, “to earn so much money so that you can put it in the bank and live on interest,” but this does not go beyond the vague wording. Years go by, but the goal does not come nearer…

An investment in planning is time and, possibly, money spent on a coach or mentor, who would help you 

a) clearly define your goals for a year, three, 10 years, and so on; 

and b) help develop a detailed plan to achieve them.

With steps, stages, timing, intermediate results and so on. If you are a highly organized person, you could easily do this on your own, but it’s easier to find someone who would help you develop a coordinate system for the nearest future.


This item includes not only regular visits to the doctor and good insurance, but also everything that has a direct impact on your health:

  • investment in a shoes that do not cripple feet;
  • investment in an office chair that does not injure your back during job;
  • time investment in finding and collecting contacts of the best doctors in your city;
  • investment in good quality food;
  • investment in leisure;
  • etc.

In other words, investing in health is a philosophy of anti-austerity  on what affects the well-being and condition of the body, both in the short and long term.


It is worth the time and, possibly, the money to learn to say no and learn to value your point of view, as well as learn to sift unconstructive criticism, not allowing those who want to assert themselves at your expense to destroy themselves?

This is a complex process that might require the help of specialists, but it is unlikely that there is an investment more valuable than one that increases self-esteem.


It is not for nothing that talents are called “God’s gifts” – our talents are what we are strong with. Even if you have not yet found a way to make your talent a work of life, it is definitely worth it to develop it. Talent does not have to be creative or applied at all – the ability to listen to people and support them, or the ability to see the positive side in everything – these are also talents that deserve to be used.


Anything that develops your professional or personal skills is worth the time, money and resources. Investments in education usually beat off faster than others, as they are directly related to raising professional and social status.


Self-education is great, but sometimes it’s better to find a specialist with a system that would greatly reduce the time spent on mastering a new skill. The money spent on the mentor would be repelled by the fact that you would begin to apply the new skill much faster than if you would seek information and create a system from scratch.

In this world there are not so many unique situations, almost all the tasks and difficulties that we are facing have already been solved and passed by. And you can always find someone who not only shares their experience, but also leads along the difficult path.


Knowledge of a foreign language is not only useful in terms of a career or communication with people in different countries, there are many studies that prove that the second and third languages ​​protect our brain from premature extinction. It is not only a matter of new neural connections, but also information and cultural exchange, which we access when we master a new language – all together is an excellent cocktail for a clear mind for a long time.


 Personal style is worth the time to create it, since this style is a reflection of your personality, and one of its facets. Dealing with your basic wardrobe, learning the basics of makeup, creating your own personal care routine – these investments in your own appearance would come back every penny spend of it.


Happiness is a relative and very subjective concept, but it is not for nothing that they say that happiness is a choice. You could choose to be a happy person, and consciously go on to fill your life with happy moments and experiences. Refuse from work that brings money, but at the same time makes you unhappy, remove toxic people from your environment, and so on.

Why is this an investment? Because a happy life and a successful career are the processes, not a goal. This is a road that consists of small daily steps, and choices, each time you ask yourself the question “would it make me happier? ”

And if the answer is “yes”, then a world of possibilities opens up before you, each of which is the return that you get by spending time, money and effort on self-development and taking care of yourself.