Wondering Why You’re Still Single? Here are Six the Possible Reasons

Not all people are single by choice. Some are single because they are dealing with some serious issues in life. Some have dated a lot of people and have not found the right person. Others have little to no interest when it comes to relationships.

The aim of this post is not to stereotype those who are single. Not at all. It’s meant for people who are continually looking for answers as to why they’re still single. If you or someone close to you fall in that category we’re glad you’ve come here.

If you’re like most people, it’s easy to feel like you’re a victim when someone hurts you in a relationship. While this can be true, sometimes, this isn’t the case.

According to psychics, we play a vital role in determining how our relationship will unfold. Although you may not be aware, you have the power to change your life, including your romantic life.

Getting a psychic reading can help you stop seeing yourself as a victim and see things as they are. Through the advice you get from psychics, you become more alert on how your actions can influence the reactions you get from others.

Read along to learn the reasons why you may still be single, according to psychics.

1. You’re Defensive

Hurtful experiences in life, especially during our childhood, can affect how we relate with people when we grow up. These hurtful experiences can cause bitterness, which can make us defensive.

Most often, this is not about your current relationship. It’s a process that began early in life due to negative interactive experiences, making you more protective and closed-off. This can make you lose trust or avoid being too vulnerable.

The best online psychics can help you understand this and lead to the path of self-discovery. This way, you won’t be suspicious of people who show interest in you instead of embracing them. You will also avoid the tendency of blaming external forces for your singleness.

2. You Rarely Go Out

You can boost your chance of meeting your loved one and escape singlehood by going out and meeting new people. Like when looking for a new job, you can’t find a relationship if you don’t go out, build networks, and sometimes follow up.

Your potential lover will not locate in your house or at your job place. If you’re an introvert, you better start going out if you’re tired of single life.

3. You Discriminate a Lot

People who received a lot of praise when growing up or consider perfection as the norm can have a hard time creating exemplary relationships. It can also be the case if you were not satisfied with your achievements when growing up.

Be it as it may, this habit can affect your ability to attract the right partner. People with this habit tend to be too picky and even end their relationships for no good reasons. They end up remaining single as they can’t find a “perfect” match.

4. You’re Still Thinking About Your Ex

You can fool anyone that you’ve moved on from your ex but not yourself. Are you silently following their every move on social media? Do you wish they could contact you? Are you still hoping that they’ll show up anyway? 

You’ll never be happy with your current partner if you’re still thinking about your ex. Take time to heal and seek help. Talk to your psychic reader about this, and they will advise you on what to do.

5. You Don’t Know Your Preferred Partner

Before you begin your search for a partner, you need to know the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. While your preference for a partner will change over time, knowing what you want in a partner can mean the difference between remaining single and getting your ideal partner.

6. Low or High Self-Esteem

How you regard yourself will also determine whether you can have a healthy relationship or not. If you have low self-esteem, you’ll ask yourself many questions before giving someone a chance to love you.

You may wonder why the hell they want to date you or even question their seriousness.

The same will happen if you think so highly about yourself. But in this case, instead of seeing other people as superior to you, you’ll see them as inferior. If you’re too judgmental or see other people not being successful as you, you’ll rarely find your match, which will make you remain single.