Writing An Essay on Meditation and Yoga: Top 5 Things to Mention

An essay on meditation and yoga will often share facts about the benefits of these two practices. Some essays may focus on their history, while others may address their development in areas where people need to relieve stress.

In many countries, interest in these topics has grown as people seek to deal with their unique work challenges or noisy city life. Your essay on meditation and yoga should show an awareness of the factors that contribute to the popularity of these practices. Often students need some help with their writing, if it describes you – check out Copycrafter.

Select an Interesting Topic

You must always write about what people care about. Learn more about the interests of your audience by visiting a yoga studio if you can. Browsing through magazines and visiting websites also helps to provide ideas on topics that you can write about. 

You can select an interesting niche but never write about anything that is too obscure. Look for trending topics and even ones that may invite interest from people who would not traditionally practice the discipline, such as goat yoga or SUP yoga. When your topic is too narrow, you automatically limit the size of your audience. As a writer, you usually want to reach a lot of people with your work.

A lot of people use yoga to keep fit. Some are recovering from serious injuries, while others may be taking up the activity in their senior years. Keep the needs of all these different people in mind as you select a topic.

Know your Audience

Meditation allows people to focus on an idea, so individuals may look forward to this activity for different reasons. Some practitioners are Christians who use it to examine a particular Scripture or find peace in stressful times by reflecting on a particular truth.

Business people, police officers, and health care workers may use it to keep them calm. All of these groups have different levels of awareness of how meditation affects their bodies.

Some people who meditate have trained their minds for several years and can cope with stress much more easily than those who are just beginning. As a writer, you must remain cognizant of the level of information available to different readers because of varying experiences.

Be Inspiring

Many people who are interested in yoga and meditation are also interested in inspiring stories. You usually cannot go wrong by including some encouragement in your essay.

If you decide to tell a story that will inspire your audience, try to summarize the events. Ensure that it is relevant to the context and don’t wander far from the main idea.

For example, if you are writing about the impact that yoga and meditation have had on injured military veterans, tell a story about a military veteran. This makes it easier for readers to relate to the ideas that are discussed in your essay.

Sometimes your essay may be short. If the word count allows it, you may include an inspiring quote or two. Always ensure that the overall tone if your essay is encouraging.

Write with Personality

Sometimes writers are tempted to write a yoga essay in the exact way they have seen another person do it. Whether you are writing about the best way to stretch or how the activity improves heart health, write with personality. It is okay to let the best of you shine through.

Think about what the topic means to you personally. Also, assess the impact that it has on others. This will help you to make a deeper connection than you would if you placed facts on paper without any essence of personality.

Check Your Facts

If you already practice yoga or meditation, you may have specific ideas about the way everyone does it. As a writer, it may be tempting to write an essay based only on what you have observed in your state or country.

Always remember that some factors that are present in New York may not affect practitioners in Texas. Spend a little time gaining a broad understanding of habits across the country.


This article gave useful tips on writing an essay on meditation and yoga. These are both interesting topics, and you will find a lot to write about. Your essay should always be designed to meet the needs of your audience. Always try to avoid unnecessary jargon wherever possible.