Writing College Papers: Best Affirmations to Meet a Deadline

Deadlines sometimes push us to our limits. Just like how Harvey Mackay has put it, “they make you get going when you might not feel like it.” When you are writing a research paper and you have to meet a deadline, you may not notice it, but the deadline is what keeps you on moving forward. It further pushes you to ponder on things that you know are way beyond your limitations; thus, making you feel more comfortable about yourself and your abilities. Deadlines also help you set your priorities and improve your time management skills, but it can sometimes become complicated. We sometimes forget that the key is ‘self-discipline.’

Most students sometimes love to embrace the idea of procrastination. Some even believe that they work best when they procrastinate; hence, the lack of self-discipline and deviation from schedule, which eventually ends up in not meeting the deadline and not being able to pass the paper on time.

So how do we battle with this problem? Writers at Essay Kitchen recommend some tips and affirmations that you can use to be able to finish a paper right before the deadline.

Tips on Writing a College Paper

Phase One: Planning & Organization

  • Create a timetable for your project. Organize your schedule without having to take for granted your other assignments.
  • Distribute the workload. Do not attempt to finish the paper all at once. It does not hurt to be realistic.

Phase 2: Research & Outline

  • Schedule a separate time for researching and writing. Render some time to research before starting to write.
  • Create an outline to organize your thoughts. Outlines are big help for you to be able to write easier.
  • Read during your idle time. Some papers require a lot of reading beforehand. Make sure to make time for this if necessary.

Phase 3: Writing & Editing

  • Schedule a separate time for writing and editing. Writing requires a lot of thinking so it is best to do it in the morning. Editing is a minimal task so you can still to do it even after a long day.
  • Strike while the iron is hot. It is best to write when the ideas are flowing continuously.

Best Affirmations to Meet a Deadline

  1. I organize my schedule well.
  2. I know my priorities and how to set them.
  3. I have self-discipline and I follow my schedule.
  4. I am realistic and I am aware of what I am capable of.
  5. I always try to meet my objectives.
  6. I am good in doing research and outlines for my college paper.
  7. I always look for in-depth information when doing research.
  8. My outlines are always very helpful whenever making college papers.
  9. I can see clearly through my outline the possible end result of my paper.
  10. My paper is exceptional because I have good researching, outlining, and organizing skills.
  11. I can write my school paper and finish it on time.
  12. I am a good writer and my grammar and sentence construction are exceptional.
  13. I do not patronize plagiarism because I am very good in putting my thoughts in words.
  14. The arguments I put in my paper are always with sense and clearly explained.
  15. I write in a very systematic way without having to deviate from the main argument.
  16. I proofread my own writing and let other people look into it for further improvement.
  17. I am open to other people’s opinion with regards to my style of writing.
  18. I like writing school papers.
  19. I do not easily lose focus when I am writing and I keep away from distractions.
  20. I know that I am not an average student.
  21. I think outside the box.
  22. I have lots of ideas running in my head that can help me produce a really good school paper.
  23. I can be the best student if I work hard.
  24. I am always willing to learn more and discover what I do not know.
  25. I believe that I am smart and I have a brilliant mind.
  26. I always finish my paper on time and meet the deadline.
  27. I do not lose track of time and make sure that my paper is always on par with my target dates.
  28. I seek help in areas where I am not an expert so I can be able to improve my writing.
  29. I always enjoy writing papers.
  30. I make it sure that I learn from my mistakes from the previous papers I passed.


What you just read are only some of the tips and affirmations that a student can use when meeting a deadline for a college or school paper. Deadlines push us not just to the extent of our capabilities, but also to way beyond our boundaries. We should treat them as constructive challenges that can help in developing our inner misfits and not destructive obstacles that will deprive us of our liberty to enjoy our time.