Your Complete Guide on Attending Mass During the Pandemic

Attending mass during the pandemic has become quite difficult. Many church members have been forced to stay at home when they’d otherwise be at mass. Others have decided on their own to stay at home due to fears or concerns about becoming infected during the pandemic. 

If you’re a consistent churchgoer and active member of a church community or parish, then you’ve most likely missed a few services during these hard times. Missing one or two services might not have a large effect on you, but not being able to attend mass for several months can quickly begin to weigh on you.

It’s time you get back into the flow of things and find ways to keep up with your Sunday mass attendance without risking yours and your family’s health. There’s nothing as precious as the bonding moment of a family attending mass together, and you’re ready to get that back!

Continue reading below for our guide on how to attend mass during the pandemic. 

Televised Mass

Before the pandemic hit, there were televised mass services. During the pandemic, there are more services being televised, making it easier for families to attend mass in the comfort of their own homes. 

Although watching a televised mass might not be the same as attending in person, you can still gather the family together and listen to the sermons, the hymns, and prayers. To make the environment feel more like a church, you can set up an altar in your home and light candles. 

Have the entire family follow all the regular mass practices throughout the entire service. 

Livestreamed Church Service

Watching a pre-recorded mass on the television might leave a spiritual disconnect between you and the church. A great way to watch the service at home, while still feeling like your attending actual mass is to watch a live stream church service. 

With a live stream service, the mass is happening at the exact time you’re watching. If you’re a pastor, then you can learn how to livestream a church service to help make all your church members feel safe while still feeling connected to the church community. 

All members of the church can attend the service together via-video. 

At-Home Mass 

If you don’t have access to either of the options listed above, you can create your own mass at home. Purchase a few church candles, prepare a few bible verses you want to read, hang the cross in the front of the gathering, and pray before you begin your own service.

There is no right or wrong way to set up a mass. What’s most important is that you focus on family. Bring the entire family together on Sunday morning, pray together, and then go through the steps similar to how you would when attending actual mass.

Remember, Sunday is the Lord’s day. There should be no work on Sundays or any other activities that take you away from your praises to the Lord. As long as you keep this in mind, your Sunday at-home services will go well. 

Safety Implementation 

Some churches are beginning to open their doors to their members again. Although your church may be conducting mass, we understand your concerns about in-person attendance. There are several things churches are doing to ensure the safety of their members. 

Here are a few things your church can do.

Eliminating Safety Concerns

Some major safety concerns stem from the idea of passing on illnesses through the greeting of peace and the communion cup and distribution of the body of Christ. Churches have eliminated this concern by removing these aspects of the mass. 

You’ll no longer need to turn to your neighbor and shake hands. You also won’t drink from the communion cup or have the body of Christ placed on your tongue. Until the pandemic is over, these changes should remain in effect. 

Sanitizing Before and After Mass

Churches have also taken extra safety measures by sanitizing the entire church before and after each mass. They’ll use sanitizing cleaning products to wipe down all hard surfaces before a new set of members enters. 

It’s also a great idea to bring hand sanitizer with you and sanitize your own hands before and after the service. 

Members Wear Masks and Distance Themselves

Churches are asking members who attend in-person services to wear masks and abide by social distancing. Families should sit with 6ft in between themselves and other families. 

Although singing has been a question due to spreading illness via saliva, your church may still allow hymns to be sung as long as masks are worn and families are 6ft away from one another. 

Outside Services

Another great idea is to have the service conducted outside. These outside services might be smaller than the regular services held inside the church, but more members might be willing to attend outside services. 

Although the services are held outside, they don’t have to be held away from the church. You can still hold the service on the church’s property in a shaded area on the grounds. Setting up a large tent and a few fans can help keep members comfortable while feeling safe. 

How Will You Make Attending Mass Possible?

How can you make attending mass possible during the pandemic? Use some of the advice and tips listed in this guide to help you discover different ways you can keep yourself and your family close to the church and the Lord during these difficult times.

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