Birthday number 16 – Meaning and characteristics

birth number 16

The number 16 resonates with wisdom and gentleness.

Active and aspiring number one with harmonious and loving number six, underscores straightforward, genuine and spiritual number seven (1+6). What an interesting combination, you might say.

People born on the 16th of the month are sociable and have a sense of humor. They may be involved in various charities and humanitarian foundations, all in favor of and assistance to the needy.

They are efficient, responsible and committed. They are able to work very precisely, and require it also from others.


Individuals born on the 16th of the month prefer strong and independent partners. They are capable of deep love and do all their best to keep a balance and harmony in the relationship. They may seem cold and unreachable, but not completely so.

When it comes to relationships, they need more time to analyze your personality. They need to feel safe and trust you. Once that happens, they are able to open up and show you their unwavering love. They tend to be very loyal and devoted, and seek out partners with similar interests (art direction or lifestyle).

They require the attention of their partner – especially if they are out among the people. The occasional compliment is a big plus for strengthening your relationship with this individual.

Work and business

They can work in the artistic sphere or social services, ie there where is a need to help others (charity, hospitals, animal shelters/rescues and so on). They can be good leaders, are purposeful and always finish what they start.

Among the negative characteristics of people born on this day belongs intransigence, internal uncertainty, they tend to be surly and petulant, imperious and too extravagant nature (very similar attributes as the sign of Aries). Sometimes it’s hard to understand them and their needs.

Famous people born on the 16th day of the month
Elizabeth Olsen, Valentino Rossi, Akon, Janet Jackson or Megan Fox.