Birthday Number 25 in Numerology – Strengths & Talents

People born on the 25th day of any month are modest, unpretentious, sensitive, and kind. They are creative and entertaining and have artistic tendencies.

birthday number 25

They need a sensitive partner and can gain wealth through marriage. They like to communicate and can listen to others. They are intuitive, social, and attractive. They have good logical and analytical thinking and a sense of detail.


They must avoid confusion in life. Sometimes they can react unpredictably. They want to try everything “on their skin.” Procrastination, postponing things that need to be addressed without delay. They are emotional and indecisive and can not deal with stressful situations regarding love. They may have a difficult childhood and are afraid of change.

Famous people born on the 25th day of the month

George Michael, Matt LeBlanc, Blake Lively, Tim Burton, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, or Elton John.

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