Chinese Numerology to Help You in Life

Chinese numerologySome people would like to know what numerology is. Basically, it is information or knowledge about certain numbers that are supposed to give significance to life in general based on the numbers that will be used.

The numbers are said to reflect meaning to people’s life and can be used to change their luck in any given situation.


Types of Numerology

  • Chaldean Number System – This is the type of system that is considered to be the oldest out of all the numerology types available right now. The numbers are assigned depending on the vibrations that will be received from the number.
  • Western Numerology – This is a numerology system that is also based on the alphabet and is very popular. A lot of people use this type of numerology because it is easy to understand.
  • Chinese Numerology – This is the type of numerology that will base people’s luck on their names and their birth date. This is known to have come from the Hebrew culture and is being used by a lot of people especially the Chinese.

Chinese Numerology

There is a chance that you would like to know what things will be lucky for you. The Chinese are known for their passion about searching for the right number that will be lucky for them. There are different numbers that will be given to different individuals that will stem from a couple of factors namely:

  • Date of Birth
  • Name of Person

Upon knowing the details mentioned above, the right number will then be assigned to the person and whenever the person would do some decisions, they are best made in connection with the number. The only way by which the number will change is when the person changes his name. This may happen sometimes to Chinese women who would change their names because of marriage.

In Chinese numerology, there are some even numbers that are considered unlucky but the number 4 is considered unlucky because it rhymes with ‘si’ which means death in Chinese. Almost all odd numbers are considered unlucky except for 9 because for the Chinese, it symbolizes long life.

Numerology in Science

It is Pythagoras who is usually credited for the appearance of numerology. A lot of details are not known about Pythagoras aside from the fact that he was able to change the world through the things that he discovered and believed in. Most of his original works are not found and a lot of people believe that information about him was spread out by people who believed in him who lived long after he lived.

Generally, what Pythagoras would like to say is that everything does not happen by accident. Rather, everything that has taken place is because of the numbers that were included on the day that the event happened. This means that things are believed to not have happened by chance. Everything that has happened is based on the numbers.

What makes numerology highly intriguing for a lot of people is because there is always something new that can be discovered. This is because the world that we live in right now is vast and there is always something that may not be found yet but will be found eventually at the right time. Numerology can give answers to the world’s unanswered questions and this can keep people happy.

Are you searching for online numerologists? There is a chance that you are. You may become confused when you see a wide array of numerologists available but you need not worry because with the use of your intuition, you can choose which numerologist will work best with you.

Do remember that through the use of numerology, you will be able to change your life for the better because instead of just going with the flow, you will be basing your decisions with the numbers that are significant in your life. This might help you make better decisions and may change your life in general. Aside from decisions, numerology can also help in helping you learn more about other people. You can learn what the numbers say about your significant other and how compatible you truly are with each other.

What about you, do you think that you will be able to get the help that you need with the help of numerology? How has numerology helped you in your life? Feel free to comment below so that you will learn more.