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Lion’s Gate Portal Side Effects: What You Need To Know

The Lion's Gate Portal happens every year in late July and early August. It's a…

Autor: Denisa K. 9 minut čtení

Hiccups: Spiritual Meaning And Superstitions

Do you ever get those pesky hiccups? They really get in the way of breathing…

Autor: Denisa K. 8 minut čtení

150 Funny Words That Start With G: From Goofy To Giggly

When it comes to funny words that start with G, there are so many giggles…

Autor: Denisa K. 13 minut čtení

How To Escape The Matrix In Real Life And Live Your Truth

You wake up and realize the world around you isn't real. It's that moment when…

Autor: Denisa K. 11 minut čtení

Take A Man On A Date Month: Why September Is Special

Ladies, it's that special time of year again. September is upon us, which means it's…

Autor: Denisa K. 6 minut čtení

Skull And Snake Tattoos: Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

You've probably noticed how many people have skull and snake tattoos. They're some of the…

Autor: Denisa K. 6 minut čtení