Virgo Born on September 4

If you were born on the 4th of September, your zodiac sign (Sun sign) is Virgo. Virgos are well known for owning the habit of analyzing everything and paying attention to every single detail. As an earth sign, they keep their feet on the ground and believe in a common sense.

Virgos are natural worriers and the list of their worries is endless. It’s no use pointing our that most of the things they worry about never actually happen. They always carefully plan; all the moves will be figured our in advance, and always need some assurance or confirmation.

When an earth sign like Virgo is matched energeticay with the Birth Number 4, this match up produces an individual who may be a nice blend of the analytical nature of Virgo and Birth Number 4’s need to live their life according to their own rules and principles. The Virgo 4 person may be dependable but set in their ways; lovers may have to conform to their way of doing things for best results because the may feel that their methods are tried and true.


The Virgo 4 person may take their career, job, finances or nest egg very seriously, and the must be careful to not let that famous Virgo anxiety spill into their relationships. Any status-consciousness in the Virgo person may be lessened by the simplicity-loving number 4; humanitarian or sevice-related themes may draw them and bring meaning to their lives as they age and mature.

As a life partner, the kindly and loving Virgo 4 may have no equal. They will be devoted and helpful, but must avoid expecting perfection from lovers and lower expectations so that compatibility is enhanced. As human beings, we are bound to make errors in judgment; being able to forgive themselves as well as others is key. And intellectual meeting of minds and a common life goal help their lovers get closer. If Virgo 4s can subdue their critical or fault-finding habit, all will proceed well. A marriage with a Virgo 4 is sure to be a delight.

Famous Virgos Born on September 4 Virgo born on september 4
Beyoncé, Hank Baskett or Anthony Weiner.

Some excerpts of this text are from the book Numerology for Relationships: A Guide to Birth Numbers by Vera Kaikobad