Dreams About Crush: What Does It Mean To Dream About Your Crush?

Dreaming of your crush can be very enjoyable. Walking along the beach, traveling together, hugging, kissing, and having a romantic dinner..it may seem as if you were experiencing a dream in a dream. And it was just a dream because as soon as you wake up, you will probably be disappointed that the reality is different.

So what does dreaming about your crush mean? Let’s find out.
dreams about crush meaning

Dreams about our crush – it can be a person we know personally, with whom we have spoken, as well as a well-known celebrity – often indicate that we often think of this person during the day or daydream about them. And because we have them on our minds all day, see them or stalk them on social media, our subconscious mind remembers them and projects our daily thoughts into night dreams. The most common and probable interpretation of that dream is the projection of our frequent thoughts into dreams.

It often happens that as soon as we get up, we start thinking even more about this person, which often leads to more dreams of your crush. It is, therefore, no mystery if you keep dreaming of your crush every night. As you think of them more intensely and daydream daily, they will appear more often in your night dreams.

Dreams about your crush have no specific or profound meaning, such as dreams about death or spiders, but paying attention to as much detail as possible is still good.

Did your crush express romantic disinterest? Maybe you have a crush on someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you or wants you to stop dreaming about them, but they don’t want to hurt your feelings.

Have you seen a snake in your dream? You may daydream of someone aware that you like them but do not have the same feelings, and you are more like a snake chasing and stalking them on social networks.

Did you dream of someone you like but don’t think about them? Maybe it’s a sign that your feelings are mutual. It’s time for one of you to come to terms with your feelings. If neither of you steps out and expresses your feelings, you may find yourself in an endless circle.

Did you dream of a crush that had a partner? This dream can either indicate that your crush has a partner and you don’t know about it, or you know about it, but you don’t want to put up with it, and you’re still thinking about how to get them attracted to you.


As already mentioned, dreams of your crush most likely mean that you think about them often, and your thoughts are then projected into your dreams. Just like people who are afraid of something and often have nightmares because of this negative emotion, your desire or love for some particular person is reflected in your dreams. Fear and love are one of the most powerful emotions.

Try to gather all your strength and ask your crush on a date or talk to them. You will either find that your feelings are the same and you will be in a harmonious, reciprocal relationship, or you will find that the crush has either a partner or is not attracted to you. This is the only way to make space and energy for another person, your future partner.

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